Pentax/Samsung 10-17mm fisheye


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Strangely the exif is missing, but I'm almost certain it was shot at 10mm. I used mine exclusively at the wide end, I could be wrong & have strayed to 11mm but I'm guessing it's just due to the fact that the horizon was half way up the frame.
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Ok, some more from me, then:

Of course you get a lot of landscape in the shot...

...and include the sun

But it can be used for interesting architecture shots as well...

How inappropriate to call this planet earth when it is quite clearly Ocean. - Arthur C. Clarke
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Hey it's the Bank of China headquarters One of the cooler buildings in my home town!

Interesting story about getting value for money: Supposedly when Norman Foster designed the HSBC HQ and got it built for something like 750 million (back in the 80s) it was the most expensive building in the world. The story goes that the Bank of China board felt they needed to build a building that was at least as impressive but without spending quite so much, so they hired I M Pei who delivered the BoC HQ for a third of the price. (This is from memory so don't quote me on the figures )

Most people prefer the BoC building. The HSBC building is technically remarkable, but quite ugly.
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You will probably need the 'fishy' if you need take a shot of The Empire State Building from across the road.



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Great shots galoot, i was there this summer, with my 16-45 could not get 1 decent phot ofthe state building.
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I've succumbed under the weight of all these cracking images. Mike W will very kindly be bringing a copy of the lens out on his holiday to Sri Lanka. Scheduled to be picking it up this w/e. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

For anyone else thinking about getting one - Clifton Cameras still have a few at their old price of 349 (+ 7 p&p). They're a Pentax dealer so you get a 2 year guarantee.


Dr. Mhuni

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Ps. Can I make a request to all forum members - please do not start a thread with images taken by the DA*50-135. I cannot afford to be tempted further!



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Dr. Mhuni wrote:
Ps. Can I make a request to all forum members - please do not start a thread with images taken by the DA*50-135. I cannot afford to be tempted further!

Must check through suitable DA* 50-135 images for posting

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One from honeymoon!


Dr. Mhuni

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Collected my lens from Mike-W (cheers, Mike) and had my first play with the little fishy yesterday. Am amazed. First impressions are how sharp it is. It's also pleasantly diminutive and rather well-built.

Some test shots:

Fish eye sky - extraordinary what the lens did to what was, to the eye, a fairly unremarkable sky. BTW - the white dot's the moon, not a star!

Fishy kitchen - seems a good low light performer. Also ideal for estate agents trying to make houses look bigger than they are.

Fishy stairs - purple fringing present, but otherwise pretty good. Pop-up flash worked fine here.

Little A watching TV - my leg in bottom corner (yes it's damn wide).

I'm going to love this little beauty!

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I'm surprise Mike handed it over, it is very sharp & contrasty. Great colours too.

I'm expecting a raft of fishy comp entries from you now Mhuni... enjoy !
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Hi all,

Some excellent shots on this thread using the fish-eye. Love the ones from Cardiff bay.

I have the 10-17 & 12-24. Both do a completely different job.
The fish is so difficult to master, but when the right image comes along, it just blows the image away from anything else.

Mine goes with me most of the time, but gets little use. Even so, would'nt sell it!!

You are unable to fit any filters to the front due to the high curvature of the front element, but it comes with a fixed metal petal hood and metal cap, lined with velvet.

Get one now, and you wont regret it.

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I've had the lens for a few days now - but it's all locked up ready for christmas. I did get to play with it for the weekend though and though I wasn't in the mood, got some shots that I liked.

Hard to focus on your own eye!

A little better on someone elses face. And it makes some cute baby shots!

Got some of the new John Lewis and around Cardiff too - a little heavy on the post work though. Sorry - was trying some new things...

Will take a bit of getting used to but even with the few hours I had hold of it, it was a fun lens!

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Graham - you say that the 10-20 and 12-24 can and should live with each other, but I notice you also have the 21 ltd. I love the 12-24 for its sheer quality and sharpness across the range. What does having the 21 add to this (I have been seriously thinking of feeding the lba!) Cheers.

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