Pentax/Samsung 10-17mm fisheye


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I don't think I de-fished the lighthouse shot, (could be mistaken) if you get the horizon in the centre (which I happen to like) then it is nice and straight.
I'll definitely put some comparisons up when I get some time. Kriss was good enough to let me pay in installments (what a star!) so I'm working like a demon to get the funds together... well not right now obviously
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Dr. Mhuni wrote:
Oh sht! All these great images are awakening a yearning within me for the little fishy!

What makes it even more tempting is that it's one of the few lenses whose price didn't jump absurdly recently. Nice small size, too - though the tiny built in hood makes the front element look rather vulnerable.

Some lovely shots Mark. Out of interest - I assume you de-fished the pic of the lighthouse, or is this what the 17mm end looks like? By the way, I would be very interested in an update about how complementary you see the 12-24 & 10-17 after you've used them for a while alongside one another. Though from many (not all) shots above, fishy clearly has different uses to the 12-24.

Oh dear - I thought I'd sated my LBA last Xmas for at least a couple of years!

It did jump up in price by a hell of a margin, but it seems SRS must have old stock & are good enough to sell it on at the original price, so if you're thinking about it, I'd get one now, they are around 60% more in most other places.

Forget focal length with the fisheye, iirc 17mm on the fisheye gave a field of view that was almost exactly 12mm on the 12-24mm so they complemented each other very well.

You do have to be careful with the front element as you need to get very close to fill the frame with a subject & if you are closing in whilst looking through the viewfinder then you may well go too far. It'll focus extremely close to the front element so that doesn't stop you.

I think it was probably the sharpest lens I owned too (in the centre portion of course) -

Very nice shots Mark.

This really isn't helping my LBA, I was on the look out for a 14mm prime as an extreme wide on FF, but I may now be tempted to go fishing again !
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Oh no, SRS have a bargain. That's the last thing I wanted to know! That makes the LBA all the more keenly felt!

By the way, why did you get rid of yours Bob? I always admired the work you did with it, and it seemed very much to suit your style.



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You may have missed the fact that I sold all my Pentax gear as I wanted (not needed before a whole new war starts) full frame.

I'm still hanging around like a stale odour though !
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Dr. Mhuni

Link Posted 14/10/2009 - 12:10
Didn't realise, I thought you'd kept some Pentax gear - due to its clear superiority in all respects (other than the full frame that is)! Seriously, though, I do like the look of the high ISO possibilities of the D700 (though not the expense - or the bulk).



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here's two of mine then


Pentax K3 gripped,and some lenses

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I've got a 10-17mm, had it a year or so, but have not made too much use of it so far.


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Nice shots Ray & Royd! A very tempting acquisition!



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Glad I'm not alone. Just to clarify the 10-17 and 12-24 are very different lenses. The 12-24 tries very hard to keep straight lines straight. The 10-17 is a fisheye and gives a totally different perspective.

Rather impressed (or is it annoyed) that everyone has done so much better than me with it!

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I think after seeing the other pictures taken with the lens I should try a bit harder with mine
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yup, love mine too

Pentax k100d, k30d 18-55, Tamron 70-300, Tamron 500 mirror, pentax 10-17, 50 1:4, a manual 28, some extension tubes and a bagful of memory cards. That's all i need... and a load of film cameras too... that's it, honest.


Link Posted 14/10/2009 - 21:12
I think most people do like it once they have it. I certainly love mine...

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These are making me dizzy.

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I think I see a magazine feature...? What do you think John?
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I have always been 'yah boo humbug I don't like fisheyes' but many of these images are so nice I am being tempted, again. Is there no end to LBA?

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