Pentax Rumoured To Announce the K-3 Full Frame DSLR At Photokina


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Let us look at it from a different perspective and change the question: Is it possible to obtain indistinguishable pictures from cameras with sensors of different size?

The answer is yes, for details see e.g.: .

However, there are also situations, where this is not possible. The larger format then opens up possibilities, which cannot be realized with the smaller format.

Furthermore, the larger sensor system does not necessarily have to be bigger, heavier or more expensive - if you really compare equivalent systems.

An example: One result of equivalency is that lenses with aperture set at 2.8 on APS-C can fully be replaced with lenses set to 4 on FF (with other parameters adjusted). So, an APS-C camera with the combination of 16-50/2.8 and 50-135/2.8 may fully (not only regarding DOF) be replaced by a FF camera together with 24-70/4 and 70-200/4. You obtain more possibilities, if you even acquire a faster lens, e.g. a 24-70/2.8. Results with this combination at open aperture cannot be duplicated on APS-C, where no equivalent 16-50/2 is available.

So, it may even make perfectly sense to change to FF even if you are satisfied with the output (quality) of an APS-C-System, as there might be interesting additional options for you: A special lens might not be available for the smaller format (e.g. 28-105/4 on FF); a setup of equivalent lenses could be significantly cheaper on the larger sensor system and even balance the additional cost for the body. The latter becomes more probable, if the price rumors about the A99 and the D600 are correct. This could then even kill "professional" APS-C-DSLRs in the long term.


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The difference in quality we see on the web has far more to do with the skills of the photographer, IMHO.

There is of course a limitation on this in that excellent technical quality can best be achieved with excellent kit. If we know what to do with it.
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I thought this was quite interesting - not really to draw real conclusions from, but as a guide as to the effect on FOV and DOF of the two formats. (The 35mm shots are done on film, and it's immediately noticeable that the digital shots require a lot more PP work to make them look as good - so much for 'I don't PP my images cos I want them to look true to reality ).

50mm F5.6 on 35mm

34mm f5.6 on APSC

200mm at f8 on 35mm

135mm at f8 on digital


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Would a digital FF limit the blown whites that are so apparent on the 135mm digital!

This shows that 35mm film still has some edge over digital APSC!
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Pentaxophile wrote:
Algernon wrote:
For a camera that's only going to get about 0.075% of the market
share they would have to use a large percentage of their production
facilities They haven't got a camera in the Top 10 at present
and they need to concentrate on rectifying that. .

If Pentax did decide to pursue FF, I'm sure they could do the manufacturing in a way that didn't affect their production of APSC cameras. We're not talking about building the large hadron collider or putting a man on Mars here. Did the 645D affect their DSLR production? Or the K-01 The manufacturing set up for a FF camera is presumably much closer to their usual DSLRs too...

Algernon wrote:
7 of the Top 10 are APS-C(ish) SLR's.

All of those top-10 APSC cameras are from brands which offer a FF upgrade path. I'm not saying that's the only reason Canikon/Sony are more popular but I bet it doesn't hurt.

Agreed on all points. Pentax did a great move with it's 645D ( which probably has 0.000000000000000001% of the photography market ), and IMO should move into the Pro FF market. The more Pro's are seen using pentax cameras the more likely hobbiests are going to buy Pentax on the psychology of using what the pros use.
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Two points.

First. Not many pros used Pentax even in the days of the LX, arguably the best 35mm FSLR of all. It's highly unlikely that many are going to jump ship to a 135-format Pentax DSLR.

Second. The profit margin on medium format gear is high. The sales volumes may be low, but the impact on the bottom line is potentially considerable.


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Smeggypants wrote:
The more Pro's are seen using pentax cameras the more likely hobbiests are going to buy Pentax on the psychology of using what the pros use.

Bit late for that now.
The only pros that really matter where hobbyists are concerned are the sports togs (high profile football matches, F1, cricket etc) and Pentax just don't have the resources (or lenses) to make them moveover from Canikon.
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For myself I have grown up with point and shoot film, disc camera Film (yes I still have the Kodak disc camera), an Olympus C750 uz digital and then the Pentax K10d.

I will probably stick with apsc unless my finances improve (not that I am complaining I am just tight)

If I could have a full frame body as well as apsc I would, but apsc is probably what would suit my needs best as an all purpose dslr

However, I own 10 lenses - 9 are ff compatible

If the lottery win comes along I won't jump ship I will buy the Q, 645D, K01 etc
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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