Pentax Q Adapter & OVF, Soligor 105mm f2.8 preset, 49mm reversing ring, etc.


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Right, here goes. I have just ordered a Pentax Q 06 and will probably never use my Pentax Q adapter for K mount lenses (original Pentax) or either of my manual lenses.

Prices are negotiable and will be plus RMSD or postal service of your choice. Collection is an option from East Dorset.

Pictures of all (or links to them) will be added later today, after I have taken some 🙂.

None of these will be advertised on eBay as their charges are now extortionate 😖 but I may pop them onto Facebook or Gumtree next week if they donít sell here.

1. Genuine Pentax Q Adapter for K Mount Lenses, boxed. £100 ono.
Box is a little tatty but the adapter is in good condition and had little use in my possession (


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Oh dear, just noticed, most of my ad has disappeared since posting it. Iím sure it was ok when I previewed it and originally read it but never mind, these things happen.

As promised links to pictures.

1. Pentax Q Adapter in excellent condition £100 ono. link
Box is a little tatty but adapter is perfect. I have taken less than 100 pictures with this and I suspect the previous owner took a similar number as the Q it came with had less than 500 on the shutter count.

2. Pentax Q OVF in excellent condition £50 ono. link
Just not using it, I rely on the LCD and have had few problems as I normally wear a hat (to protect my rapidly balding bonce and also keep the sun from creating reflections on my specs) which acts as a useful, hands free sunshade 99% of the time,

3. Soligor 105mm in excellent/mint condition £100 ono. link
This was described to me as Mint by the original seller and I have no reason to disagree other than one manís mint may be anotherís excellent. Difficult to value but this is in massively better condition than all the others listed on eBay at the current time, so I am open to offers. Glass is spotless as are the aperture blades. Has a Pentax K T-mount fitted. On Pentax Forums there are two reviews and a comparison to a Takumar 105mm which is well worth reading - this is a very good lens indeed. Shame to sell it really but I am just not using it.

4. 49mm Reversing Ring £20
Forgot I had this tucked away. I tried macro photography a while ago but never got to grips with it, just not my cup of tea.

5. PKA Extension Tubes very good/excellent condition £5 ono. link
As per the reversing ring, a hangover from my abortive attempt at macro photography.

6. Pentax-A 50mm f1.7 in excellent condition £15 ono. link
Another lens in excellent bordering mint condition. Spotless glass and aperture blades, all working perfectly but it just doesnít get used.

Offers considered for any or all of it and more than happy to answer questions or provide more/better pictures.


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Apologies for late response to all the PMs. Went out yesterday afternoon, bumped into some old friends and it became a late night finish.

I have responded to all the messages in order of receipt.

Pentax Q OVF, extension tubes, reversing ring and A 50 all sold pending payment.

Slight change to the prices, I will include RMSD in the cost of each item.
1. Q adapter now £90.
3. Soligor 105mm now £90 or best offer.

For those who arenít already aware, if you donít have a tripod foot for the Q adapter the iShoot RT-1 fits according to posts on Pentax Forums and a review or two on Amazon, price is normally around £25.

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All apart from the Soligor and Q adapter paid and ready for posting.

With respect to the Soligor 105mm I am open to offers, so feel free to try a cheeky one if you are interested, I may just accept it. Iím only interested in covering my original purchase cost and donít forget it includes RMSD.




Link Posted 31/10/2021 - 16:59
Q adapter sold pending payment.


Link Posted 03/11/2021 - 10:46
Q Adapater paid, posted and delivered.

I do hope that everyone is happy with their purchases.

Soligor 105mm still available, to encourage sale as it is sitting around gathering dust I have now dropped the price to £55 including RMSD.

If you are interested but outside of the UK drop me a pm and I will find out about postage and payment options.


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