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I am a confirmed Pentax user and have a K5-IIs with a range of lenses etc, however I have found that the camera with any lens on it really is a little on the large size for hiking up and down mountains.

Yes, it is in my back pack but having to put down the back pack, get the camera out, take the picture and then do everything in reverse soon gets to the point of "cannot be bothered" especially late in the day after some hard climbs and descents etc. Because of the climbing over rocks etc it is not practical to have the camera around the neck as balance is often key.

I have therefore decided that I need a walkabout light camera that I can strap to the front of the rucksack for these sorts of mountain hikes etc and have noticed the MX-1. So far everything that I have read sounds excellent but I have a couple of questions from current owners:

1. I shoot in RAW, is the saving of the image seriously long?
2. My walkabout on the K5-IIs is the 18 to 135mm which I find a fantastic lens, how does the MX-1 compare?




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The MX-1 is a fantastic camera and the results are very good indeed. I use mine quite happily for large prints.

I'm sure you'd be very happy, and at the current prices it's worth grabbing one quickly while you still can.
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I love my camera and always shoot RAW which does slow down the write times somewhat. I've sort of got used to it but it's no speedster. However, the ability to recover highlight detail is priceless (not that the meter is inaccurate, far from it).

As regards focal length, I'd love it if were wider and longer. Who wouldn't? But then quality would surely suffer and it is a lovely lens.

No replacement has been announced so, as John says: grab one while you can. It was an expensive luxury on launch but mine cost 186 which is about right. No other camera maker produces a better value compact (although quite a few are superior).

Don't expect it to in any way match the results from your DSLR: it won't. But as a go-anywhere compact, I'm sure it will fit the bill.
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I only shoot jpeg with it so can't answer re raw write times but I do love the camera.

I think, if it isn't already,it will become a cult classic in time.
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I shoot in RAW+ (3Mp JPEG) and as a rough guide the first shot appears to write in about 2-3 seconds, if you shoot more it appears to slow down as it's buffering (it's hard to put better numbers on it). It's not something that I find an issue in any way.

The lens is 6-24mm (which I think equates to 28-112 or there abouts), beyond this is offers 'Intelligent Zoom' when shooting RAW+. This isn't a digital zoom, but it activates 'in camera' cropping of the JPEG - the smaller the Mp of the JPEG, the more it can crop (zoom). This gives you a 'full-frame' RAW image and 'cropped' JPEG. It also offers 'digital zoom' but I don't use that.

If I'm traveling with my K-5 and only one lens (usually DA17-70), the MX-1 replaces that, it's simply so much smaller and convenient. Only if I want more than one lens does the K-5 become more attractive. If on the other hand I want to take a film SLR, the MX-1 covers any 'digital' shots I might want so I can leave the K-5 at home.
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