Pentax M 100mm f/4 macro PK-M


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DaveHolmes wrote:
Just to be clear... When Pentax users say 'bayonet' they are referring to the K-mount as opposed to m42 fitting, which is screw mount and requires an adapter...

If your sigma lens does not fit K-x it is either:
1)Faulty (or damaged)- possible the mount is bent slightly...
2)bayonet fitting (but not K-mount - perhaps nikon-F or olympus...)
3)M42 (screw thread (this will work on K-x but will require an adaptor..)

With regard to your search for a macro lens...

I too would really love a decent macro and intend to save for either a Tamron 90mm macro or a Pentax-FA 100mm f2.8 macro lens... But looking at around 300+

Thank you Dave, the sigma does fit now I have been into the settings and adjusted the settings in the menu to enable it to fit, it wasn't bent out of shape just me not doing it correctly, it does need an adaptor which I have too, I have been afraid to take the lens off until just recently until I got the Tamron but I'm OK about taking them off now, I have a set of converstion rings too that I haven't used yet, thank you for taking the time to reply to my forum post and for the help and advice, always appreciate it. Cheers Trixie
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I have this lens and the other day I tested all my lenses against a laser printed test chart. Now that I have a K-5 with its excellent live view I thought I would try this oldie out. I was astounded at how sharp this lens is right across the field - I only tested it at F8 but I could see the individual toner dots and the grain of the paper. I once used it outdoors for a landscape shot in Spain across a valley and the detail it captured was incredible. 140 is steep though - 100 for a copy seems more like it.
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Thank you again, it does sound a bit pricey I look on eBay and found cheaper, I think I will keep looking for one though, I would like a macro lens, thanks to everyone cheers Trixie
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I have just sold a pristine one of thesee Trixie! You missed out, it is a superb macro lens!

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