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Hi has anyone used or use a pentax lx film slr? I have been offered one as im interested in getting into film photography again. I used a nikon fm2 in the past and found it quite easy to use is the LX the same? Thanks in adavnce


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It's as easy to use as any other Pentax SLR/DSLR and a very fine bit of equipment. It was the flagship Pentax, backed up with a full range of professional accessories.
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I have used an LX and indeed there is one here.
They are so capable that a friend of mine who is an FRPS still uses one.


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The best of the manual focus Pentax SLRs. Superbly accurate meter, excellent system of accessories including interchangeable viewfinders and focusing screens, daatabacks, power winder, motordrive... It is easily as good as something like the Nikon F3 but much smaller and much lighter.

If, heaven forbid, I had to get rid of all my film cameras bar one, this is the one I would keep.

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The LX is a great camera with a huge list of advatages compared to rest of the Pentax manual focus cameras. There are a few things to watch though (as always with most 30yr old cameras):

- They were professional cameras and many have been used as such, so there will be some that have seen heavy professional use.
- The mirrors are prone to sticking (as with many old cameras), I have two with this problem (there shouldn't be any lag from fully depressing the shutter release to the shutter firing). I presume you can still get these serviced to fix this (approx. £100 last time I looked).
- It uses an interchangeable viewfinder (really useful), but you should check that it locks firmly into place with minimal slop.

But it is a fantastic camera:
- Shoots from 1/75th to 1/2000th & B without batteries.
- During long exposures it meters during the exposure closing the shutter after it has received enough light.
- Excellent big, bright finder.
- Full finder info even without batteries (aperture, speed, exposure compensation warning).

If you want a fully mechanical camera like the FM2 then the MX is the best choice (shoots at any speed without batteries) and again has full finder info.
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Link Posted 18/02/2012 - 14:56
The MX is certainly simpler than the LX, but compared to today's cameras, the LX itself is pretty simple, and there is no point in sacrificing the LX's huge advantages just because an MX is simpler.

Taken altogether, many people would say that the LX was the best manual-focus 35mm film camera ever made.

There are many sites devoted to it, such as this:

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I have 2 LX bodies for sale with Winders and finders.

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The only problems I have with my LX cameras are : the sticky shutter, the slow flash synch speed of 1/75th when the ME Super manages 1/125th and the DIM viewfinder which the ME Super easily beats.
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I own the LX, MX, and ME-Super. While the ME may have a brighter viewfinder and does have a higher flash synch speed, the LX has depth of field preview which the ME lacks. Turning to the MX it lacks mirror lock-up which the LX has. Neither the ME nor the MX have interchangeable finders, off the film metering, metering unaffected by light coming through the viewfinder (use on a tripod, for example, runs this risk), off the film metering, TTL flash exposure.

I have made perfect exposures by moonlight with the LX; the exposure was perhaps 15 minutes! Any changes in light during that time - a cloud passing overhead - were accomodated by the LX's off the film meter system.

All three are excellent cameras, but the LX is the most versatile of the three, and the one which I would keep if forced to choose one of the three.


Link Posted 16/04/2012 - 16:44
Of course the MX has mirror lock-up, it just isn't advertised

A quick flick of the shutter button and up it goes



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I do have 2 Pentax LX and I'm still using both for BW!!!Wonderful. Before buying K20D I used for colour too! Wonderful again....It works good in every condition....and you can use it without batteries as stated above!!!Don't forget K1000 and MX


Link Posted 16/04/2012 - 21:33
The MX is a great camera, I bought mine about 20 years ago (used but almost mint) and for a while was my favourite. The Super-A wasn't as easy to use in manual.

I recently got a tatty K1000 off Ebay, I'm happier using it because I won't care if I break it.
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Of my 6 working 35mm-SLRs the MX is a favourite...

But if I want a 'really' easy day it's the MG that gets slung over my shoulder...
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Link Posted 24/05/2012 - 20:19
As my handle indicates, I have and use an LX. A great camera, very solid, with a magnificent viewfinder. The size and weight of a Nikon FM/FE/FA with interchangeable viewfinder and excellent OTF metering.


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for me , although l love the mx, the LX is by far my favorite manual focus SLR
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