Pentax lose another top lens designer!


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Algernon wrote:
dougf8 wrote:
Just because you used to be the top doesn't mean you are the top today.

New technologies, new materials and new design methods all mean times change and so do personnel.

Well I suppose for the new materials, plastic mounts and all that, they still have the lower grade technicians who designed the FAJ series. Maybe the future lies in cutting down old designs to f/2.4 and putting in all plastic bodies. We heard Ned B say that Pentax were no longer an Engineering Driven Company and were now driven by Marketing which will mean a big movement in salaries from engineering to marketing. It's been done before by CZ in East Germany and the Russians when all the CZ designers moved to Germany they just kept on making the same old designs for 50+ years.

Good lens design isn't an exact science. It needs a lot of practical knowledge of how best to tweak the design. It called a "fingerprint" in this thread on the SMC Pentax-FA* 80-200mm F2.8 ED [IF] (Lens Scored 28/30 for optical quality in AP's test).

All very well but if I can give better performance replacing plastic with a composite material developed by University in association with a F1 racing team and if I can integrate a new variant of motor developed by a a team in my own R&D department.

The optical formula is pretty standard. The material science engineering and programming the AF interface becomes the challenge.

The old ways may have been getting in the way of progress.

Experience is useful but every organization will rail against any individual being/thinking they are irreplaceable.
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As my final post in this thread this is the English translation of the original Japanese Technical Reports on the 43mm and 77mm Ltd's. I'm led to believe the original Japanese was written by Jun Hirakawa. It shows how the design was fudged to allow the lens to produce images that were considered better photographically.

The 28mm SOFT was also by Mr. Hirakawa, unlikely to have been a 100% computer design.
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Algernon wrote:
fatspider wrote:
Thats briliant news, Nikon lenses will soon be available in K mount

How about some Limited's in Nikon or Canon mount?........
No Thanks!!!

I'll try the 31mm FF (in Nikon mount, rather than the adapter)on my D700 thanks very much!

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