Pentax KP - Does all I need..... or it would do if I could make sense of the manual!


Link Posted 24/03/2020 - 14:39
theonenadeem wrote:
pschlute wrote:

I have no idea what they're on about with 'donations' though, as it seems you just buy the book. Maybe they get a %?

If you donate to the costs of running the forum you get the book for free

Do you know , what the expected donation is?

I should do as I do donate, but I cannot recall. it will be somewhere there on the site.

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Link Posted 05/04/2020 - 11:56
Blincodave wrote:
I have this guide on the KP. The author recently passed away but I believe the website is still operative:

The PDF seems just the job but I'm put off by the byline "Everythink you need to know.... and then some"........ Yes "Everythink.....".... A bit like those YouTube presenters from the USA who always start with "Hey Whassup?". Yes, I'm a grumpy old soul, ex-member of the grammar police.

Still, I will give it a go, and probably get it from the 'other' Forum.
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