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Pentax K70 - jpg file Wedding photos will not display

Posted 25/06/2018 - 09:02 Link
i cannot seem to get the 200+ wedding photos i took yesterday with my K70 to display.

have tried MS Photo, MS Explore, Chrome, Corel, Paint. MS File Manager and Cyberlink.

at the moment i am running RescueDisk from ScanDisk, but i think that will try and fix problems with the actual disk - when i suspect that the problems are with the jpg files themselves

10 of the 232 files display - the balance of the photos return errors of file format not supported, cannot dispaly etc, slightly different message depending on the program being used

total size of the 232 files is 2.32Gb

the details of the jpg file sizes show that there is something there, some pg files are up to 10Mb in size

15 of the files show up as 0Mb

during the day, when i was taking photos, the photo review would show me that all the photos were being successfully taken

any advice on how to fix would be welcome.

its very disappointing and worrying

(and apologies in advance if this topic has already been covered, i did do various searches to try and find advice, here on the forum and on the internet. no luck so far.)

thanks / regards

[email protected]
Posted 25/06/2018 - 09:10 Link
I can email you, to see if I can open and view an example of one or two image files here if you would like?

The ones with 0size will be duds. Not much to do there.

Did you shoot raw or jpeg?
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Posted 25/06/2018 - 09:28 Link
I was shooting JPG
Posted 25/06/2018 - 10:55 Link
Do the images display on the camera? Have you transferred the images to the computer using a card reader and simple drag-and-drop into a folder? If the answer is yes to either of those things and there's a problem, then your card may be corrupted. Did you format it in camera prior to using it?

There are lots of possible things that can go wrong, but be careful of image recovery software that might delete all the images so it can try to recover them.

I would try the card in another camera, or another slot on the camera. If the card is a very large capacity with two rows of contacts then not all readers will recognise it.

Failing all that, I'm happy for you to e-mail me a faulty image and I'll have a look at it.
Best regards, John
Posted 25/06/2018 - 11:03 Link
The built-in SD card readers of some computers are not always SDHD or SDXC compatible, files may load at first but as the card fills up, the later images may require a different card reader (I've had this problem before - having to buy an external SDHC reader). An external card reader may be worth trying, as would connecting the camera to the computer by US (if you haven't already tried this).
Posted 25/06/2018 - 11:21 Link
If the photos still show in the camera OK it might be worth using a USB cable to see if they can be transferred directly from the camera. That would save purchasing another card reader which may or might not work.
I agree it sounds as if either the card has become corrupted or the PC card reader being used can't read the contents correctly. A rescue program won't be able to recover images off the card if it is incompatible with the reader being used.
John K
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Posted 25/06/2018 - 15:39 Link
Do you have the Pentax software disk that came wit the K70?
Posted 26/06/2018 - 09:15 Link
Did you copy the files to your computer or are they still on your sd card? Can you view them in camera? If you copied and deleted from sd, as long as you did not overwrite you should be able to recover using software (Recuva programme with deeps scan option is free). If they are still on the card, tried wirelessly transferring them to your phone? Also, is a good program that tries to recover jpg data. Make sure you click on Download Now button, not other big ones to avoid spam software
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Posted 27/06/2018 - 09:27 Link

many thanks for all the suggestions / advice, is very much appreciated, and i am working my wa through them methodically

- only 10 of the 232 jpg files display in the camera. the same 10 files that work ok and can be viewed on the laptop

- yes, i still have all the original files on the original sd card. worst case i will be mailing it to Pentax head office with a stern "please explain" letter
(after spending around 2000 dollars on Pentax kit, i was hoping for a better result.)
..and a request for help.

[ - i will consider steam rollering the pentax kit in a youtube vIdeo in the future. but not yet ]

i am travelling back from my mates wedding in Minsk, to AustralIa, via a visit to London. so, please excuse my delayed responses to any of your very helpful and considered responses!!

[email protected]
Posted 27/06/2018 - 09:30 Link
- yes i should still have the original CD software that came with the camera, but it will be in the box back in Australia

- i will check out the Recuva software and get it dowoaded etc!!
Posted 27/06/2018 - 11:38 Link
evan9000 wrote:
worst case i will be mailing it to Pentax head office with a stern "please explain" letter
(after spending around 2000 dollars on Pentax kit, i was hoping for a better result.)

[email protected]

Post here the exact details of the card and the card reader you are using. As others have said you cannot use the latest cards with older card readers.

If you get nowhere yourself you would do better trying to find an expert in file recovery to help. I would not pin my hopes on Pentax especially as the fault may actually lie with the card itself.
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Posted 27/06/2018 - 15:14 Link
As mentioned above all the indications you've put and have answered from PU members point more than likely to a card issue not a camera fault.

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Posted 27/06/2018 - 23:38 Link
Having looked online, and at your image files, they don't appear to have any content.
They're the right size, but written with zeros only.
This has happened to others, across different camera brands.

I loaded your files into a hex editor, and compared to a working jpg.
The results are clear that there is no data in the file.

If the images don't display in the camera either, then sadly I don't believe there is any data to recover.
Quality/failure of the SD card is most likely cause.

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