Pentax K3ii and 18-135mm lens


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Pentax K3ii and 18-135mm lens
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Purchased as a second camera for a special trip and so has had about 2-3 weeks use.
I can't say it's new because it isn't, but I doubt you could tell the difference between this example and a new one.
Both the screens have screen protectors. I have left them on which is why the photos of the screens look a little blurry. The screens beneath the protectors are like new because that was what they were like when I put the protectors on.

18-135mm lens has never been used. It came as part of the kit and I already have the old version of this lens on my K3.

Delivery will be via Royal Mail Special Delivery with the appropriate amount of insurance.

You are welcome to pick up from just south of Guildford. I work at Gatwick and could meet you there if necessary.

Price for the camera and lens is 725 including delivery. I will split the set although only when I have buyers for both. Payment either via PayPal Gift, bank transfer or good old cash.


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Bump...simply too good a deal to be on page two


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