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Pentax cameras often get bad press for poor autofocus performance and not being able to do action shots.

I've been out at a car rally today and taken around 900 images and to be honest only 5 to 10 have focus issues.

I had the camera set to AF C and expanded AF points.


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Not so sure Chris - the background looks blurred to me

Joking aside - super image, when you look at it as the bigger size you can feel the movement just from looking at the tyres - great shooting


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and a cracking little Mini too.

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There is no substitute for good technique. Excellent shot, well done.
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I don't think the longstanding commentary re’autofocus h as ever been about this type of very good shot.

By and large if the specific fast moving subject is very small in the viewfinder image such as a small bird flying relatively fast through the field of view then “sharp captures” were difficult.

Taking a picture of a pendulous large bird such as a passing Heron was never a problem; similarly sport and action photography was never too much of a problem.

Tracking was also a serious issue;
(a). The Af could not keep up
(b). The buffer filled very quickly in continuous high speed shooting or burst shooting

The K3.3 has “by and large” overcome these limitations and matches the recognised benchmarks in capturing and tracking very fast action subjects such as the Nikon D500.

In my own humble experience doing numerous commissions on major sporting events I had consistent and excellent results with the K3 and K3.2.

The AF problem became vivid /acute in wildlife shooting, particularly when photographing small fast moving subjects whether it be small animals or the real “Chesnut” BIF

Small to medium fast flying species were ,and have always been a major challenge

The focus distance on small birds is necessarily “short” to maximise the subject size but that means the “relative speed”of the subject ( bird) passing the though the field of view is vey rapid.

The K3.3 offers so much more with the uprated focus and tracking, on such subjects.


Link Posted 20/01/2022 - 18:10
As a Pentax K3 user, I want to point out that you got a very good shot. I myself love shooting subjects in motion, but I'm an amateur in this - I need more practice.
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