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I have been using Pentax SLRs for over 20 years. I have enjoyed the K100 for 3 years but am started to have "battery depleted" problems. Even when I insert four brandn ew Sony Ultra AAs which show on battery tester as 100% charged it will not start up. Normally I use four rechargeable AA 2500 (or 2600). If they have just been recharged and not used they will usually start the camera. If I use them for say six shots today, the next day they will not start the camera.

I sent the camera back to Pentax. They returned it having replaced the battery cover but the problem is not cured. Has anyone had any similar problems, please, and if so, how did they resolve the problem?



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I used too use rechargeable 2700 AAs, but I didn't like the behaviour of the meter; it just didn't seem very reliable (would say full and a few minutes later only half full or similar). A few months ago I've bought Sanyo Eneloops and have had no problems since. Might be worth a try?
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Some types of rechargables develop 'memory' after a while, which greatly reduces their capacity so they don't charge fully, others may suffer a bit of a voltage drop and give incorrect readings on the meter (and with normal rechargables they start to lose their charge as soon as you take them off the charger). Like lidy, I changed to Eneloops some time back and have never had a problem since then (these will hold their charge for much longer periods when not in use).

I would never use any other type of battery with my K100 now, and they seem to run for ages without showing any drop on the meter, even though they have a smaller listed capacity (2000ma) than the previous 2900ma types I was using. I had exactly the same problems you describe, but have had none whatsoever in the 12 months since I switched to Eneloops.

I bought a set of four batteries from eBay, and these came with a very nice 'smart' charger, which not only charges the batteries much faster, but also shows the capacity of each individual battery as it is charging, and this makes like much simpler as well.

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I agree with above, Eneloop are a very popular Choice, I have used Duracell Nickel Metal Hydryde (NiMh) Batteries in my Flashguns (2650 ma)for 3-4 years but when they need replacing i shall go for Recyko ones as these are recommended by Which? and are cheaper. Just make sure that you use a NiMh Charger with any of these batteries.
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I have used rechargeable batteries in my K200d , but gave up on them as I could'nt trust them.
I have since started using Energizer Lithium and find them amazing, 2 sets having lasted me 6 months including extensive use on 2 holidays.
If you buy them at the right time when on offer (£3.96 for 4 at tesco recently) they are good value.



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A week or so ago someone had a similar issue. They cured the issue by careful cleaning of the cameras battery contacts.

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Welcome to the club... I had the same problem with a new K100d 2+ years ago and again with a recently acquired K200d. The problem was the same with several battery types, both rechargeable and one-shot. The simple fix in both cases was to gently form the battery contacts in the cover to give a better/tighter/positive contact to the battery poles. Do check occasionally that the contacts are clean and that they still have enough rise to make good contact. I have had to re-do the K100 contacts over the 9000+ actuations that I have on the body.



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[quote:3496ace15f="malburley"]Tnanks to all who responded to my query re battery probs with K100. I will certainly follow up your suggestions. At least I am in good company. Thanks again


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After 12 months, I am happy to report that the Eneloop batteries (boughtt from 7dayshop online) have solved my K100 battery problem. They are brilliant. Even with heav usage, reharghes are far apart.

What is more, I had given up on a six year old Minolta compact 5mb digital ccompact which cost around £250 new as it would not "fire up" with a selection of good, fully charged AA batteries. As a last resort, I tried two Eneloop AAs and it worked immediately and is still fully charged after several sessions.

Please note I do not work for Sanyo/Eneloop. This is an etirely objective opinion.


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Just out of intrest which charger do you use? I had a similar problem and also brought eneloops.




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macullum wrote:
Just out of intrest which charger do you use? I had a similar problem and also brought eneloops.



Hi Mark, I have forgotten it is so long ago! Joking, in fact, I normally use a Sanyo charger as recommended but have used other makes without any problems.



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Funny thing I'm just testing some GP Reycko+ (2100 eneloop type) with a K100d I brought for my father in law from these forums. So far so good. From the bit of net trawling I've done I have also read that AA Lithium (non rechargable) are supposed to be good. Plan C was to try and get a set of nickel zinc (nizn) batteries and charger from HK as I believe they keep there voltage at 1.6V and therefore will give a similar effect to lithium (1.7V?) and should not drop below the threshold level to trigger the low battery meter.



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Interesting read this. I’ve ordered some more rechargeables for my K100D because the Uniross 2700s & 2500s have virtually given up. They are four years old now and lose power very quickly. I tested a set out to see how briefly they last and it is 1½ days doing hardly any work. I charged them up on Sunday and put them in the camera that evening, did about four shots indoors then had another look yesterday morning. Camera showed battery was half full so I did about another four shots and then looked again this morning. Camera still showed battery as half full but after two shots it was empty and the LCD showed “battery depleted.” I don’t know if it’s the age of the batteries but they are no good for a day out. I ordered two sets of Duracell 2450s from the 7 Day Shop yesterday which I hope will be OK. I see the Eneloops are popular but I only read about them on here today.


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If you leave your camera switched ON... even after it switches
the displays off it's still using power and will go flat in a
few days.
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