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Pentax K-3

Posted 24/08/2023 - 10:37 Link
My K-3 was set to capture JPEGS for general images.

However, partway through a recent museum visit it reverted to capturing in RAW.

Using the menu I am now unable to select JPEG as a capture mode. I can select JPEG 3* as the setting but the camera just reverts to RAW when exiting from the Menu.

Apart from this function - everything else appears to work normally.

Any suggestions please?
Posted 24/08/2023 - 11:59 Link
Maybe worth checking Memory Card Options. If you are set to capture on two cards, one for RAW and the other to JPEG. It will not allow you to change image capture / file format.


Look under menu option 4; button customsation?? Just wondering if you have Canncel after one shot is on?


Maybe if you are using RAW+... That shoots both RAW & JPEG.

I only ever shoot RAW.... So I am having an educated guess!!
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Posted 24/08/2023 - 14:45 Link
My guess is that you've accidentally pressed a button that has changed JPG only to RAW only. I've managed to simulate this on my K3 by:
(a) setting capture to JPG only;
(b) setting RAW/Fx button to RAW/One push file format/JPG>RAW/ 'Cancel after 1 shot' NOT selected.
Pressing the RAW/Fx button makes all shots from then on RAW, so accidentally pressing the button would leave you wondering why the camera has changed from JPG to RAW for no apparent reason. It's possible that other button customisation options would have the same effect, I haven't looked.

Good luck. And please let us know when you've sorted the problem and whether any of our guesses were correct.

Posted 27/08/2023 - 14:53 Link
Hi Guys - thanks for your suggestions. The RAW/FX button didn't seem to make any difference. But by pressing buttons within the Camera Record [1] menu I somehow got to a different screen that I hadn't see before and setting that correctly appears to have cured the issue. Hope it stays that way. I know RAW is better but I mainly want simple images for my own use so JPEG works better for me. Thanks again.

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