Pentax K 18mm f/3.5 for sale


Link Posted 05/02/2017 - 21:05
Hi there,

I'm selling up used SMC Pentax K 18mm f/3.5.

Got it a few days ago on flea market and had a possibility to check it quickly. Cosmetically the lens looks fine and everything works as it should.

If there is any interest we can discuss the price

Thanks for looking!


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Can't see an ebay sale of these recently so can you suggest a price you are looking for ?

Where are you based so the lens can be inspected/tested on camera ?

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Thank you for your interest, Peter.

Quick search says that the price is approximately 600-800 euro, according to ebay


But, I am not going to sell for this price, as it is not in perfect shape and will be sold "as it is". In addition, I live in Trondheim, Norway, so it will be difficult to arrange testing of the lens.

From my side, I will be happy with 500



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Have you got any photos taken with it, perhaps on your K-50?
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Prices on ebay without a sale are no use at all. It is sale prices that are important. I have found one that sold on PentaxForums last July for $450. That one was described as near mint.

Without being able to see your lens I have no further interest.

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Like the OP, if I'd seen it for a reasonable sum at a flea market or boot sale I'd have snapped it up too. However I'm not sure I need one that much I'd be prepared to risk big money on an unknown quantity. Having bought a bargain, make the most of it!
John K
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Having bought such a wonderful beast as this and having a Pentax to use it with, one's first question is, "why is the guy selling it?"
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I do agree that ebay is not the most trustable source, but it is almost the only source of fresh information. (Thread from 2010 ( is too old, I think but thanks for the

Why do I sell it? I am not going to keep it on my shelf, as I am not a big fan of wide-angle lenses. I do use them, but mostly for Aurora shooting and this lens is too dark for this purpose. It is just an unusual lens. And I totally agree with the average rating of this lens on pentaxforums.

I can provide several photos I made two days ago, but later today.


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not a bad lens....i used to have one on K20d - thing to consider: it has 3 build in filters
even found this article

in which pentax 18mm 3.5 is quite praised altogether with olympus OM and zeiss. have a look


Link Posted 10/02/2017 - 20:28
Thank you for the article, kingfisher
It is not a bad lens, but I have another wide angle lens which is suited better for my goals.


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spbalex wrote:
Thank you for the article, kingfisher
It is not a bad lens, but I have another wide angle lens which is suited better for my goals.

If you want to sell the lens you've shot yourself in the foot saying you bought it in a flea market.
Prices on here are normally really really low so most people would be wanting to pay less than you paid ...
Try ebay?



Link Posted 09/09/2018 - 01:03
This lens, or at least one with the same serial number, is presently for sale on eBay.
I was contemplating it but wondering why no one seems to want to own it!
John K
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