Link Posted 20/05/2003 - 02:47
I have been av avid bird watcher for many years now and am interested in starting to photograph them. My selections are a used of course K-1000 or for a little more money the ZX-M. Any reviews or opinions on these cameras, the hardest challenge is to get the K-1000n in good shape?? Thanks.

Peter Bargh

Link Posted 21/05/2003 - 10:52
The K1000 is the more robust of the two and a real workhorse. You can, if you look around, find many of these still in great shape and if you don't mind the weight it's certainly the better option of the two.


Link Posted 21/05/2003 - 11:38
Thanks peter for taking the time to post, yes the K-1000 would be a good camera for me to learn on. Now the searchbegins, a few of them on e-bay.


Link Posted 21/05/2003 - 12:45
It's worth also checking out the following second hand suppliers (because you get a guarantee with them too ):

And here's one I found with Google:
(they have a K1000 with Sigma 28-70 for 100. Maybe check out their guarantee options too)

There are plenty of other sites around. Worth doing a Google...

(For gallery, tips and links)


Link Posted 22/05/2003 - 02:22
Great idea Matt, thanks.


Link Posted 24/05/2003 - 16:26
The Pentax K1000 is a good solid manual camera that is like a Spotmatic with a bayonet mount. However it is rather large and does not have a very good exposure meter. In my experience the meter was fooled by red and orange filters, used for black and white films.
I would recommend a Pentax MX; it is smaller, has a better metering system and also a depth of field preview.



Link Posted 27/05/2003 - 12:32
Thanks for your input graham, great points. The MX may be my best option, similar price; warranty, and of course some better options than the K1000, thanks.
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