PENTAX HD D-FA 24-70mm F/2.8 ED SDM WR Lens


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cardiffgareth wrote:
I didn't say you shouldn't be permitted to list an item for sale so wind your neck in! I was merely trying to suggest interacting with the forum as a whole may help your sale. With so many scams going on nowadays (and no assumption is being made here) then people may be wary as 800 is a lot of money to hand over to someone who has just joined.

Anyway, only trying to help, I'll go away now as clearly it's not appreciated but your response hasn't helped your cause either!

If I misinterpteted your comment and it was merely intended to be helpful then I apologise.
On that note have a nice evening everyone!

Kind Regards,


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Joseph336 wrote:
I have no problem whatsoever. revealing my location I just haven't got around to completing my profile. Everyone else that has commented here regarding this matter seems to have overlooked this or just ignored it! (1)

If I want to post a comment or contribute to another members post then at some point I will but you yourself are presumming I haven't looked around the forum read articles and familiarised myself with the forums contents (2). I just did not feel the need or necessity to post any comment at this time for all you know, I could be a an active and regular contributer to this community in the future.

Messaging me privately to inform that similar lenses are listed on ebay for sale for around 700 and telling me rather than suggesting to lower the price is acceptable it seems whilst offering 500 without taking into account I know what the market value is and have advertised with best offer expecting slightly less. (3)

Finally, not once has anyone posted a comment to say welcome to the forum and the pentax user community you've all been to busy advising me what I should and shouldn't be doing. (4)

Something I haven't experienced here! Don't tell me it doesn't help my cause, If I want to list a classified advertisment I am within my rights under the rules of this forum to do so and there is no immediate cause for me to post comments or read articles for 3 months prior to advertising. Respectfully, if you're intention was just to be helpful then why didn't you just say hi and introduce yourself! (5)

Thank's, for pentax user welcome party guy's. So glad I became a member (6)

To give my thoughts, consecutively:
1. The first comment, 4 days after your post, was regarding location. It doesn't take long to update this on your profile.
2. Forum contents include the 'Just Joined?' area, quite visibly, where you're advised to introduce yourself.
3. You will always have people offering you less than you intend to sell for. I've seen the comment on your profile page which stipulates that used prices are typically between 500-650, that there's a new one for marginally more than you're selling incl. a 12 mo guarantee and they're offering 500, stipulating that they'd understand if you'd reject that offer. I saw it as nothing short of courteous.
4. See point 2. Even if it was to say 'I'm here to sell lenses, find me elsewhere' that would be better than jumping straight in to sell an 800 lens to someone who, quite possibly, isn't familiar with your username.
5. I saw Gareth's comment as constructive. Your first post being a listing for an 800 item does not help your cause.
6. Being (a) defensive and (b) sarcastic will give you much of the same in return. That is not limited to this forum only.

Regardless, I'm sure you'll find this place a good source of fun and information. Everyone here is affable and look out for each other, prompting some of the responses you've received.
By all means chuck an introduction up on the forum - we'd all love to see your collection of cameras and lenses (especially if they're in as good condition as this lens you have for sale) and your photos.
Hope this helps!
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This may be a bit trite, but it is worth anyone remembering that "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression".

Pentax K5
Pentax DA 18-55 Mk1, 50-200 (Samsung), 16-45, 55-300 Mk1, 35 f/2.4
Pentax MZ6 + FA28-90, FA50 f/1.4, M 50 f/1.7
Tamron 80-210mm & 28mm


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I think I will just leave it at that and withdraw the lens from sale at this point. I gave an apology to Gareth despite him telling me to wind my neck in because I may have misinterpreted his comment but initially I was just standing up for myself and like everyone else have a right to comment back even if it was a misunderstanding.

However. everyone seemed to be neurotically obsessed with my location for some unknown reason despite making it clear that 'I was more than happy for the potential buyer to view item and collect in person' I don't know how that is somehow vague and without particualarly wanting to repeat the same thing over and over I've informed everyone who has messaged me privately where my location is and have even offered to deliver if within a reasonable distance. You know because I'm such an unreasonable person.

I don't know what more I can do to please you all. Now I'm in the wrong because I haven't updated my profile. If I didn't have to find time to respond to these comments then I could probably update forum and social media profiles but then I wouldn't have much time to be working. I'm the sarcastic and defensive one right... you didn't notice any sarcastic remarks by anyone else then Benz? Just me...

And I did give a brief introduction on the ad but not good enough for this forum I guess or is it a rule we must post our introductions in the appropriate corner?

If I've got defensive I think that's understandable since everyone here seems to have an opinion and nothing to do with the actual item for sale. No thanks, I'll leave this here for reference as the 'forum now seems to have removed the delete and edit button from all the previous posts'
but I'll give this forum a miss.

What all this because I didn't introduce myself... to your full satisfaction after the shit I've got here just for placing an ad for a lens it's no wonder! And yes now I am being sarcastic...

Seventeen comments and not one regarding the lens itself just...'helpful' criticism like I've never contributed to any forum before. If you're not interested in the item for sale then why did any of you even bother to comment if not to criticise and I know a few others are going to chime in because I'm already the enemy and the lens becomes irrelevant! But that's what your up against when everyone else want's to jump in and totally disregard that this was just a bloody classified ad not lets give the new member a piece of our advice open season.

If I offered anyone of you a 50mm f1.4 super takumar (8 element version) in exceptional condition for free! You mught be suspicious but if you thought it was a genuine offer how many of you wouldn't have cared less if I'd introduced myself or not?

Would any of you like time to think about that and be honest about it,,, Oh I'd still have to post my introduction in the right corner first... sure! How many more comments do I have to feel compelled to justify, just for posting an ad for god sake. Get real!

Please don't think that I feel obliged to delete this account. I will enjoy posting and sharing links to it! We could have been good for each other pentax user but I figure we've run out of time and we're never going to get to know each other but I'm done with you! Like the last man said 'you don't get a second chance to make a first imperession'.

Please don't give the next new guy such a hard time for no real reason! He might actually be a nice guy you never know?

Goodbye all, for the time being have a pleasent evening and be safe wherever you are!

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Notification I am withdrawing this lens from sale along with the K-1 that I intended to sell here due to conflicts with other forum members. I cannot delete the advert unfortunately because there now seems to be no edit or delete button available on the post. I don't know if that is usual for all previous posts? I am not going to delete this entire thread but leave it here so that others including myself might consider where we all went wrong!

Or just blame me it really doesn't matter, in the great scheme of things.

Kind Regards, to all


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Nice lens


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Kinda sums it up


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Guess that's the problem trying to sell a lens in Nowhere Land to the UK!?
John K


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JAK wrote:
Guess that's the problem trying to sell a lens in Nowhere Land to the UK!?

I mentioned repeatedly that I had given my location to everyone who had messaged me privately. If people would just take the time to read the ad I also said the buyer was more than welcome to view the item and collect in person! How difficult would it be for everyone criticising just to message and ask but they are simply not interested in actually buying the lens.


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I guess they wanted to get to know you as a member before going off and purchasing something.

I guess they know you now.


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With hindsight perhaps it would have been courteous to introduce myself but it was not a requirement of the forums guidelines. I have an extensive collection of Pentax Cameras and lenses from the earliest models to present. I have been a collector for over 25 years and I am reluctantly selling some of these items some of which are sought after and collectable. I thought I would just offer these here and on other platforms for the benefit of members.

Also as I have explained to some extent, I am responsible for and contribute to many forums, photography related social media accounts. and web sites. I have done so for over 20 years. Although this is not important, I fully understand and have an intimate understanding of how forums work. I'm just not sure if people here were more concerned that I hadn't updated my profile or that I didn't introduce myself to their satisfaction.

Perhaps my defensive attitude in previous comments was a reaction to people totally uninterested in purchasing the lens and more about offering helpful advice. I get that and appreciate it but it became a bit one sided and repetitive, that was the only reason for a defensive response.

It would now be totally ignorant of me personally and not in my interest to withdraw the items I intended to sell here, after all I initially thought that members of this forum would benefit and be appreciative not of me but for the opportunity to purchase some of the more collectable items. Please note some items have now been sold on other platforms.

With that in mind I am willing to publicly show some humility I am not an unreasonable person by any means in fact quite the opposite if given the chance. I will update my profile location. and although currently under reconstruction inform other members of a couple of my websites these should be back online hopefully by mid July. They have or did have some 300K subscribers prior to going offline. I did not want to link directly to them because they are business orientated these were intended to be private sales and not linked to any business or editorial.

But to reassure other members who I do not yet feel compelled enough to thank at this moment for having tarnished this sale just a little. I acknowledge perhaps due to my own defensive responses. I do have an internet profile and do contribute to other forums and photography related social media articles. I am not an obscure conman wanting to rip you all off!

Perhaps people will understand that I literally did not have 5 mins to update my profile or even place other ads here it wasn't intentional despite comments saying it only takes 5 mins perhaps it does but thankfully I am still accepting work whilst contributing articles to various media and trying to keep things together in uncertain times.

I would appreciate if we can can now get along and other members will now feel more comfortable to purchase or make offers for any items that I place in the classified ad section. I apologise, if I initially offended anyone merely trying to be helpful. With that I will continue to advertise including the current listing. (fine art photography) (popular website all about 35mm street photography)

All the best to all
Kind Regards,
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HarisF1 wrote:
I guess they wanted to get to know you as a member before going off and purchasing something.

I guess they know you now.

Please read above, thanks for your comment HarisF1. Yes I understand and appreciate that people wanted to know something about me prior to purchasing from a new member. It just became a little too helpful in terms of advice and not at all about the item in question.

I hope that we can now move on and I can become a valued contributor here.



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Can I just say Welcome to the Forum Joseph, I look forward to your contributions and hope your considered post of today will be taken in good spirit by all members - All the best, John


Link Posted 01/03/2021 - 14:30
Thank you John certainly appreciated and means a lot. I hope that I can offer something of value to all, as well as reading everyone else's contributions, comments and articles.

Kindest Regards,


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I would like to add that I am not related to Joseph but would like to say that he is an absolutely genuine chap.

I bought his excellent as new condition Pentax K1 from him and I couldn't be more pleased with.

He kept me up to speed with questions that I asked about the camera, packaging of the lens was perfect.

Have no fears he is a truly genuine seller.


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