Pentax full-frame aiming for less than 1500 Sterling or about 2100 U.S.


Link Posted 09/02/2015 - 02:49
Not sure if this would be the aiming target price for the Pentax full-frame body only, but...

Will try to confirm the information on location at the trade show in Asia. Other unofficial information so far... That the new Pentax full-frame body will also offer versions of a release with a still unnamed and unspecified and not yet released full-frame WR lens. Battery grip options also to be offered at initial release.

The initial price point should be interesting. Also please take not of current prices of a variety of items from Pentax, Sigma (especially lenses), Sony, Nikon, etc... Sigma PK non full frame lenses will most likely reduce in price substantially in the near future. Camera body prices have already dropped considerably; especially with news (official and otherwise) of upcoming releases from Canon and Nikon of 50mp++ camera bodies


Link Posted 09/02/2015 - 07:45
If it's 2100 USD it'll likely be 2100 GBP.
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