pentax film camera


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about to buy a pentax film camera
where is the best place to buy b&w and colour film from
and how do people use for devoloping and printing
advice please
k5iis a few sigma & pentax len,s
pentax *ist film camera


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I was pointed in the direction of;
For film. I believe there’s a fair amount of investment to develop your own film so it might be better to have a local camera shop develop film for you initially to see whether it’s something you wish to continue with.

Plenty of discussion on this on the forum so by all means have a look around!


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I use these people for b+w processing

My Flickr page


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Film - various places. Usually depending on what they have in stock and price. Analogue Wonderland have a great range. 7 Day Shop are good for prices. Mr Cad, A G Photographic and many more are online. Also ebay can come up with some good deals. for B&W, the Ilford website has deals too. They also have good ifo on processing.

I get my colour film processed at a lab near work. I pop in at lunch and they email the scans a few days later. It saves the worry of films being lost in the post... plus they also sell film at good rates.

B&W i process myself. it's good fun and gives you more of a feeling for taking film photos. it's pretty easy to do (i can do it!) and works out cheaper as most labs charge more for B&W. then i use a very old scanner. See the Ilford website as they have a How To guide.

good luck
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I buy film from Harrison Cameras at Sheffield,, they stock a good range of colour and black and white.



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Imaging Warehouse link supply a full range of film and processing equipment, based at Stratford upon Avon. They also supply digital paper and inks under the Permajet brand.


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imaging warehouse sounds good i work near stratford so will call in one day soon for a nose
thanks all for the advice
k5iis a few sigma & pentax len,s
pentax *ist film camera


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For developing I mostly use The Darkroom UK. Not cheap, but none of them are these days. Postage back is per order so I usually wait until I have a few rolls of film to send. Postage label for free post to them. Post Monday, usually get them back Wednesday. Easily the fastest service I know of. Scanning pretty good although I have failed to find anyone who makes really good scans of slide film. I'd shoot more Ektachrome if I could get really good scans. Colour print film (Ektar and Portra mainly), they do a great job.

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