Pentax DG Macro f4-5.6 100-300mm


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I bought this lens a while ago and have only recently started to use it. now, here comes a silly question. as the documentation that came with the lens didn't give me any clues.... this lens has a macro switch on it that apparently only operates for a 100mm range. now can someone enlighten me on exactly how to use this switch?
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There's no lens of that name in the Pentax line-up. Is it a Sigma lens?

Look at the focus barrel, and see where it stops at the closest focus position when the macro switch is off. Now move the zoom to the 300mm end and turn macro on. The focus barrel should now turn even more to focus closer.

If this doesn't happen at the 300mm end, try the 100mm end.

To remove macro mode, move the focus ring back inside the normal (non-macro) focus range, and turn the switch off.

This switch merely acts as a limiter for the focus ring.
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sorry, yes is a mistake (silly mistake). thanks.
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Isn't it the sigma 70-300mm rather?
I think it's macro (1:2) between 200 and 300mm.
I used to have the Tamron, which was macro between 180 and 300mm.
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