Pentax DA 50mm F1.8


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Just bought my first Pentax Prime after owning the K-S2 quite a while now. I still suffer from anxiety issues when going outdoors so wanted a Lens that i could actually use indoors. I recently started new Meds for my anxiety issues and really hoping they work, fingers crossed. I am a vaper and usually take picture's of new Vape Mods and Tanks and have noticed a marked difference between the New 50mm and the 18-50mm that i got with the Camera. I don't have to use the onboard Flash which is a bonus. I would like a Speedlight type Flash for the K-S2 but struggling to find a good Pentax one. Think there is a Yongnuo one that it says fit's the major brands like Canon and Nikon and i struggle to think it would work on Pentax even though it says it would. I don't want to buy it for me to only return it. I don't have great amounts of money but would love an half decent Flash. Any recommendations appreciated. Think the Yongnuo is 565 or 568 something like that, think there is a Godox one as well. Sorry for the long post as when i start rambling i can't stop sometimes.


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PM sent re flash.



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Wizhunter wrote:
I don't have great amounts of money but would love an half decent Flash. ... think there is a Godox one as well.

The Godox TT350P works OK with Pentax. Must be the P version - P for Pentax. Price 65 new.




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If you get a couple of Cactus V6 or V6 II, you can actually use a LOT of different flashes with your camera, even some models from Nikon, Canon et al. You can also use some flashes which are just generic flashes with thyristor, although I don't have a list of all the ones that will work. If you want to know if a certain flash from major manufacturer will work with a Pentax camera, just PM me.

Believe when I say those remotes open up a lot of possibility for flash usage, being able to control the triggering and power remotely. As an added bonus, to keep some change in my pocket, I buy second hand flashes. This way, two Cactus remote and a used flash generally cost a lot less than a Pentax dedicated flah bought new.

The Cactus V6 and Cactus V6 II are the only remotes that I know allowing "cross breed" flashes to be used with just about any cameras.

They aqre well worth the money you"ll spend on them.
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Being stuck inside doesn't automatically mean you have to use flash. If the subject is moving, then perhaps but .....
This was taken with almost NO light. I could hardly see it ! Tripod and time exposure. 5pm in November, K3ii, PLM 55-300mm, ISO 100 f6.3 and 5 seconds.
Set up in the kitchen on the ceramic hob when Mrs.wozhere wasn't.
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I tried on my 55-300 and the Picture came back way underexposed, it's ok with my 50mm but the 18-50 and the 55-300 just no good indoors, i have a Meike MK910 for my Nikon which works pretty good considering it been sat in a drawer for almost 5 years. I wanted something similar to that with a Screen and TTL. The Godox TT350P That Lubbyman mentions will be ideal i think. Thanks for the Advice it's much appreciated.


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As has been mentioned already, there are opportunities to experiment indoors without a flash. I took this link a few months ago with the HD 35mm f2.8 with a black paper enclosure and just ambient light.

I've since invested in a couple of LED spotlights that can produce multiple colours if required and am playing around with household items to get different lighting effects for subjects.

As an example, have you ever considered using a kitchen/toilet roll tube as a snoot?
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