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It's a pity that this thread has been taken off topic with the usual mirrorless garbage.

Just a small point I'd like to make is that looking through the viewfinder of a DSLR you see a FULL SIZE IMAGE of the subject. Using the screen you see something like a 3 inch image which is great if you always blow your prints up to ERR!! ..... 3 inches You won't spot any small eyesores on a small screen either.

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff

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The practical workflow aspects here are worth exploring.... The landscape photographer will have to be mindful of battery drain when choosing to run Live View extensively. Certainly it's a risk, and might rule out a live view only approach throughout extended landscape sessions.

Personally I like to use both LV and VF during tripod sessions. I prefer to frame up and position the camera and the zoom setting (if a zoom lens) through the viewfinder. Once the scene is set exactly then that's locked down with the tripod levers. Then I switch into LV and perform manual focusing using the zoom in (info button) feature to target some clear object that is an approximate hyperfocal distance away....(this is likely to be impossible to see accurately through the viewfinder, especially at 14mm!).

After this object is focused perfectly I come out of LV, and then use Mirror up with remote control to take the exposures, usually multiple shots and often with a varying exposure time for some different exposure levels, all done manually.

I find that this three step approach nicely separates the framing, focusing and capture processes and helps to keep the whole workflow methodical and carefully paced.
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I find cameras without a viewfinder very hit and miss to see anything meaningful on the live view screen, and the brighter the sun the more the problem. If the camera hasn't got a viewfinder I normally point and hope for the best! Not really an ideal methodology.
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