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Hi all... I made a short film with the excellent Matty Graham (who shot and edited the whole thing) up in Northumberland a few weeks back for Pentax as part of the Ambassador role I do for them... we shot it in just under a day in Budle Bay in Northumberland in mid January, and Ricoh Imaging have just posted a link to it on their Facebook page... it's called "The Moment", and basically covers why I use Pentax cameras, with a fair bit too about why I tend to take the kind of photos I do... do drop by and have a look as and when you have a mo...

Thanks and best



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A great insight Bill into how you go about creating your amazing images.

Northumberland is also such a wonderful place for photography, a haven for people who have a passion for the coast and minimalistic tranquil yet rugged scenes.

Thanks for sharing.


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Splendid stuff Bill, splendid stuff.

Best regards
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Well done Bill it was great to see the brand represented so well with your well polished film and insight into your passion for photography. You even said the P word out loud!
It was a great to hear your story but also great to see the Pentax brand recognised for having very capable cameras when used by a very accomplished


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Fab short film Bill, very informative / interesting. Your thoughts on some aspects of photography mirror mine, although I think you are light years ahead of me in terms of your skill and creativity.

You have made me want to travel up to Northumberland, I have a couple of weeks off work in late Feb, so I might just take a few days out to go there.

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Nice one Bill - a well spent few minutes watching it! Thanks


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Hi Bill,

I don't have Facebook account, is there another way to get the link?



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Nice one
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Fantastic Bill.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Excellent film Bill. Really nice to watch.

It might be worth pointing out the advantage changing lenses in the field with a DSLR compared to Mirrorless ..... see this post...

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Nice one Bill

Refreshing to see it's not all about fancy features, high end glass and accessories, and the glitzy appeal of a Brand name. Just a bloke who loves landscape photography choosing the best tools for the job


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MikeInDevon wrote:
Hi Bill,

I don't have Facebook account, is there another way to get the link?


Great stuff. Well done and thanks for sharing.


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Nice film. Nice wellies... Nice photos....!! The camera's are well built and easy to use. Though my experience of WR isnt quite as enthusiastic as yours. 15-30 on camera. Filters on 24-70... ? The cost effective route you refer too ? Great film though enjoyed it.. Good to see someone spreading the Pentax/Ricoh photography name to the masses....!!
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Nice film Bill. Love your work.

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Thanks for the link, I've watched the video now, I especially liked the last part with stills of Bill's beautiful images.

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