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Pentax 60-250 on the K1

Posted 29/03/2017 - 12:39 Link
Folks, looking for a little advice.
I've been hunting for a telephoto which is a little lighter for travel, and had even considered a pairing of the 100mm and 200/300mm primes but i think that's overkill!!

I noticed on the recent thread about K1 lens kits that a lot of people are using the 60-250 on the K1 and i was looking for some impressions on the lens as it seems to tick most of my boxes as I'm not too concerned about anything faster at this length!
Posted 29/03/2017 - 12:52 Link

I swapped my rather heavy 300 F4 star for the new 55 - 300mm PLM last November. Delighted i did.
Examples on my gallery here including whale and dolphin watching in the Caribbean. Excellent images and very light, quicker focusing than the star lens on my K3 and all but silent. Not full frame of course.
Posted 29/03/2017 - 12:54 Link
I've not had mine very long but I have been impressed with it so far. It is noticeably smaller and lighter than the Sigma 70-200 - yet alone the Pentax 70-200! Image quality seems very good. There is a little vignetting at some settings but no more than the 28-105 at the long end, so not really a problem. If I am out and about with the 28-105 and want something longer in the bag then the DA200 is first choice - just as good IQ and lighter still. But for a more flexible option the 60-250 is hard to beat. Mind you the 55-300 works surprisingly well on the K1 - and that is much lighter still...
Regards, Philip
Posted 29/03/2017 - 17:51 Link
There is a thread on here about the 60/250 on how to make it a true ff lens can't rember who did it now it was just as the k1 lame out
Posted 29/03/2017 - 19:39 Link
on pentax forums here

Pentax K3 gripped,and some lenses

my pbase gallery

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