Pentax 50-135mm for concert


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I would like to replace my starter kit with the a.m. lens, expecially for concert pictures. Usualy I'm trying to stay in the pit or in first two row in front of the stage. I prefer AF instead of MF.
I have a Pentax K-R with starter kit DAL 18-55 and DAL 50-200.

What do you think?
PENTAX K-5IIs: DAL 18-55mm WR, DA 50-135mm, DA 55-300, DA 17-70, Tamron Sp 90 2.8 macro
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If I were only allowed one lens to any such event it would be the 50-135. I think you will find similar sentiment from others.


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I'd say the Pentax 50-135 is a good choice. But, I'd recommend checking an example and maybe some alternatives too.

I shoot lots of concerts - mainly from pit or side stage. I badly wanted the 50-150 and actually went to the shop, cash in hand, to buy one. I tried both of the shops examples on my camera (at the time I was using a GX10, but I've since upgraded to a K-r). Neither could get close to a decent autofocus - they were both out by enough to make them unusable. This was probably bad luck as I have heard enough reports to know its an excellent lens.

Instead, I chose to buy a Sigma 50-150 2.8 APO HSM. A bit less money, apparently similar optical performance and speed, and the example I bought focusses well on both my old GX10 and the new K-r. I think this lens is now discontinued but if there's a replacement to it then its probably worth trying as well as the Pentax.

Cheers, davey.


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The 50-135mm is probably the best Pentax lens for the job, unless you fancy being brave with something like the 70mm DA Ltd (or 77mm FA Ltd).

I have previously used a 120mm f2.8 for a stage show but as it was a small theatre I ended up flat against the back wall to get the shots I wanted. Fine as it was a case of getting a few publicity shots during rehearsals for a show I was running lighting on, but not really suitable for an actual show with paying audience. Now I'd take the 50-135mm, the 120 was the most suitable lens I owned at the time (and still does wonderful things on my KX).

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Whilst the DA* 50-135mm lens is superb, you may find its focal length range a bit on the long side, given that you intend to be so close to the performers.

You'd need to look through your past shots to determine which focal length you've used most in a similar situation.

I tend not to get so close to the 'action' and the DA* 50-135mm is the lens I use at concert events.

Here's a few examples to help you decide if its for you. I used flash for the first shot of John Mayall, the others used available light.

Peter E Smith

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It's superb for concert photography,

small indoor show pit in front of stage

High stage outdoor festival long pit

Leeds festival even bigger pit

Glastonbury Festival the biggest photo pit in UK!!!

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Concert photography

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Thank you

Very nice photos, Peter and Gary.
Monday I'm going to a concert in a small theater. I'll take with me my DAL 50-200 to see how this kind of lenght will work and probably next day I will ordered the DA*50-135
PENTAX K-5IIs: DAL 18-55mm WR, DA 50-135mm, DA 55-300, DA 17-70, Tamron Sp 90 2.8 macro
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