Pentax 10-17mm VS Sigma 10-20mm [need help ASAP]


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Hey guys! Just joined today, so sorry if this is in the wrong section.
Anyways, I need to pick a lens today if I want it to arrive before I go.
I've been stressing like mad trying to pick a decent wide angle lens.
I've narrowed it down to either the Sigma 10-20mm or the Pentax 10-17mm.
From the reviews I've read, both of their corners are soft and not very sharp.
I like the fact that the Pentax get's a less fish-eye effect as you zoom, but I'd really like that extra 2mm that the sigma has
So, please weigh in on this. If you have either lens please post some of the pictures you've taken with it, and share your experience.
If you also have any suggestions please feel free to comment. Don't really want to spend more than $450 CAD
I'd mainly be using the lens for landscapes.


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I don't know the lenses, but just generally then I doubt that for landscapes that the edge sharpness would be a big concern .... Wide angle landscapes are best shot from F8 and smaller apertures, plus there's usually a bit of cropping involved. These two factors plus some sharpening should reduce that issue to a minimum.
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You are not comparing like with like

10mm of fisheye is 180 degrees of vision.
10mm of rectinlinear (on the Sigma) is significantly less.. 102.4 degrees.

You get a LOT more with a fisheye... but distortion with it. Even at 17mm it's probably as wide as the Sigma at 10mm.

They are utterly different lenses! FWIW, the Defish Hemi app looks very promising - I nearly bought the Samsung 10-17mm here, but chickened out and someone else pipped me to it

Super wide angle lenses are also very challenging - compositionally. I have the Pentax 12-24 and it's superb for landscapes

Hope that helps!
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I was looking at the 12-24 when I first started doing research. Really liked it but sadly just a little too much money for me atm.
How do you guys think the Pentax would fair just as more of a walk around lens? So like taking pictures while walking in the forest or city.


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I have the Pentax 10 - 17, avoiding the 10mm end and the extreme fish-eye, its a superb lens, want to be creative and get that odd unusual look, use the 10mm setting, its great, but not imo for every shot.

Start from 12mm+ and the fish-eye look starts to disappear, work from F6.7 upwards and its sharp.

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I have both lenses.
The Pentax is a fisheye with the usual distortion one gets with this type of lens. I use it for shooting buildings/objects. At 17mm, it is a good landscape lens when shooting at f8-f11, but I usually use Corel Paintshop to remove any remaining distortion.
The Sigma is a good landscape lens from 15mm to 20mm as it is sharp in the centre and reasonable towards the edges. Again, I usually shoot at f8-f11.


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Lots of good advice above about the Pentax fish-eye and the fact it distorts (nicely for some shots) at the 10mm end. I have the Samsung version and wouldn't part with it but the fishy distortion doesn't suite every wide shot.

Have you considered the Sigma 8-16mm?
I had the old Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 (not the current f3.5 HSM version) but changed to the 8-16mm. It is definitely a better lens all round. The extra 2 mm makes quite a difference and it is sharp.
Rumored to be discontinued but SRS are still advertising it on their website at 449.


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I've checked out the Sigma 8-16mm a few days ago (along with the 16-35mm) but sadly both are out of my price range (8-16 being $900 CAD, and the 16-35 at $1300)
Do you guys have any recommendations for a 16-? zoom lens for around $400 CAD maybe?


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A second hand Pentax 16-45 perhaps? It's a good lens for landscapes.
Perhaps outside your price range the newer 16-85 or possibly you could find a second hand 17-70, Mind that's only 1mm more than the 18-55.
I'd try and hunt down a good used 12-24mm for what you want and maybe add the fish-eye 10-17 later. They're quite different so its worth having both.
Depending on how much you'd use the wide angle lens, another option can be to take two photos with the 18-55 and stitch them together, a mini panorama. If that might work for what you want you've saved yourself a lot of $CAD. I've used that approach with fixed lens cameras or travelling without a wide angle lens.
Yet another approach, for 299 ($450CAD) get a Ricoh Theta (full 360 degree panoramas!)
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For what it's worth - I have owned the Sigma 10-20 since buying it new 6-7 years ago (previous model but almost identical to current). It is my most frequently used lens and I simply would not consider ever going out with the camera without it. It is a superb landscape lens and very versatile for street use, architecture, group shots etc.

During that 6-7 years - I have owned 3 copies of the Pentax 10-17 - which is also a great lens but ultimately one that I find fun to use for a while and then get bored of creating deliberately distorted shots - which as far as I am concerned is where this lens shines - so always end up selling it.

All such things are subjective - but if you are faced with a choice between these 2 lenses and what you really want is a good out and out landscape lens - the Sigma every time for me.

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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The Sigma 10-20mm is a stunning lens and if you invest in one you will not regret it; as Carl says it is very versatile.

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Ditto for 1st para of Carl's post because it's extremely useful indoors (my wife and I go to many historic houses and museums - her choice not mine !) where you are very close to everything, and it's good inside churches & cathedrals as well as I don't like/do much post-processing, so shots with the Sigma (original f4.0-5.6 non-HSM version) just need a little perspective correction in most cases.

Never used a fisheye and so can't comment there.
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Alrighty, well I think I'll either try to hunt down a used 12-24mm, and if I can't find one then I'll grab the sigma
Also, any specific reason why lenses for Pentax are so much more expensive? It's really frustrating. A Sigma 10-20 for a canon EF mount is only $375 CAD, while the ones for a Pentax mount are $600+


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PS - the 4.5-5.0 is much smaller and lighter - and takes normal screw-thread filters, whilst the 12-24 needs externally mounted filters - than the 12-24.
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I have the Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 and it is a cracking lens!!! I've just bought this though to see what the extra 2mm as a fish eye gives me
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