Paradise Wildlife Park animals


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Some takes from last visit.
Hmm. seems that you get full quality if you click at picture to open it in separate window.










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The ducks running are classic - almost in step too! Well caught.


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Nice work, I like the otter peeking out from the rocks
C&C welcome.


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Ooo another great otter shot. I love otters.

The ducks running is a classic as i-Berg says. you could sell that to a greetings card company!

They are all very sharp and I've enjoyed looking at them. Thankyou.

What lens did you use?


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Great baby otter shot, very cute. I like the white lion shots too.
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Nice sharp shots. I've never seen ducks running like that
Really cute
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Thank you for C&C.

Gwyn: K20D + DA*60-250

Btw, on that running ducks photo you can see AF speed of this lens , sharpness peak is behind white duck, somewhere in line with black duck in the back, AF-C focusing was done using central point aiming at white runner (well trying to keep it at contrasty part).
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Very nice set, and lovely and sharp, great lens.
My piccies.


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Ducks for me definitely! That's a great capture.

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I really like the picture of the owl. Great detail. How far away were you and what settings did you use.....I'm jealous....I mean curious. LOL


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A great set of pictures there Piotro. The Otter is fantastically cute and I really like the first lion shot (number seven) - very sharp and a handsome animal. I have a soft spot for Ducks so like shot number three - they look like they are Indian Runner Ducks

Mat W

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JBmagician: I was really near this bird, and that Eagle Owl is quite a big wht helps, settings were: f/5.6, 1/250sec, 800 ISO, 250mm.

Matwhittington: spot on, you are right, these are Indian Runner Ducks.
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The ducks are a giggle. I like the otter - scope for a crop there?
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The first two are exceptionally good photographs.
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DrOrloff wrote:
I like the otter - scope for a crop there?

Cropped to 1:1, hence around 43% in width cut off and 15% in height cut off the original.
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