Panorama mode on MZ-5N - anything I should beware of?


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I just got a second MZ-5N and was thinking about using the panorama setting which narrows the field of view on top and bottom of the frame. At first it seemed silly, as I can just crop them once scanned, but now I think it will be better to compose using it rather than cropping later.

I will get them developed and probably just scan them myself. I just wanted to know if there's anything I should beware of when using this function, any advice etc.

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The only limitation I remember was that you weren't supposed to mix panos and 3:2 images on the same roll but that was only for the benefit of automated production runs at the lab and if you didnt tell the lab you got standard prints with large expanses of black top and bottom
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I had a Z-1p for a while, I never used the 'pano' feature and taped over the switch in case I activated it accidentally (I don't think it blanked off the finder - just displayed a warning on the LCD). There was a focusing screen with the pano frame lines I think. My Espio mini blanked off the finder with LCD bars top and bottom IIRC.

In the day 'pano' prints were a big thing (around the time of the APS film format) and sometimes they'd print panos larger (12"x4" or thereabouts) and charging double for them. A Fuji compact I had with a pano setting came with 'pano' stickers to tell the lab you were shooting that way.

Now, on an old camera, I'd be concerned one of the masks might get stuck or jam the shutter.
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Like John I also had a Z1P and used the pano now and then. I did mix standard 3x4's and pano and like Ken says they came back with normal 3x4's but the panos had large black expanses top and bottom. However that wasn't a problem when you scanned them and printed larger. A4, A3, you just print the picture and NOT the black bits. "SIMPLES"
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