pano for print - big basin park, california


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Hello Boudou

This is best read in full, trust me.

Whilst on my break in work about 12.20 I checked your photo out and it did not really impress me but the more I look at it the better it seems to get

The more often I look at it the more interesting it becomes, I start noticing little details like the dead tree (off centre right) etc etc - sometimes it's pictures like this that are best enlarged as people may notice something slightly different for the first few times they view it

It's too easy to dismiss this picture too quickly - I reckon if you have a large print done it will look a whole lot better - that however is just my opinion

The second picture does have a little more drama to it though

If you do print it I reckon I will not be the only one to comment on how it looks better second viewing onwards



p.s. it's your picture and your wall - go for it before you change your mind.
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Thanks guys, I was hoping to get a bit of criticism as did Gareth which was basically "if you do this your picture might look better", not get trashed like i did in the "your picture is crap but if you like it yeah well it's your problem then!" way.

No one said you picture was crap.
All the comments you've had have been honest and justifiable.
If you dont want honest criticism dont post images.
You will never improve as a photographer if you dont listen to other peoples opinions, and despite what anyone says you still take pictures to please yourself.
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I did not find the first picture particularly appealing. I often see this in my own pictures when sometimes it is just not possible to capture in an image the splendour of what we saw ( or remembered) with our own eyes. I think this is particularly true of landscapes where there is no reference point or significant feature to put the landscape into perspective.

The second picture you posted is different. I like the colour of the sky and the image flows from the left taking my eye off into the distance of the horizon on the right hand side.

That one should be on your wall for certain. Well done.

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