Overexposure with Sigma 18-250 DC macro 3.5-6.3


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Hi I would appreciate any advice as to where the problem might lay with this lens. Have had it for a couple of weeks now and find that it overexposes by about one stop on all modes on my K5. I have compared it to 3 other lenses I own Sigma and Pentax and they all expose perfectly. Should I contact Park Cameras or Sigma or am I just being dumb and have some setting in the camera wrong? The lens is great otherwise but it is frustrating to have to set the compensation every time I use it.


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That does sound strange as Pentax have a reputation for doing it the other way round. All their cameras tend to underexpose by 1/3 stop to preserve highlights or at least that's what the reviews say. And from experience that tends to be the case. Sounds like you may need to contact Park Cameras. Can't imagine there is a specific setting for one lens. But i know nothing....
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I don't have this lens so can't comment specifically on it's particular idiosyncrasy, however, if the problem is uniform across the aperture and focal length, then perhaps the simplest solution when using the lens would be to set the exposure on the K5 to minus 1EV!
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Thanks for your comments. Am returning lens to Park Cameras for them to take a look at. Will post their conclusions.


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Just set your camera exposure compensation to -1 ... JD
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I have this lens and use on K5. Cannot say I noticed any over exposure. It is now my general walkabout lens and for me personally get on great with it. Some people may say the IQ could be better but when I bought it earlier this year the reviews seemed to rate it better than the new Pentax 18-270. Tend to do a bit of sport with it. I feel it focuses faster than my Pentax 55-300.
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I bought this lens a week ago and I agreed with alanwm406,
This lens overexposed images one stop in all modes (K-30/K-5ii) and result comes even worse when using flash.

But as SteveEveritt mentioned, it works perfectly fine when use exposure compensation to -1 therefore I decided to keep the lens since apart of overexposure problem it delivers beautiful sharp images when comparing with other zoom lenses such as Tamron 18-200, Pentax 18-135,
I think its worth to use the exposure compensation -1 because that's what the option/function has been built up in the camera
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