Optio S4i - video file won't play on PC - sound only


Link Posted 17/07/2004 - 12:48
I have an optio s4i - I can transfer the photos to the pc easily but when transferring the video file - when played on the PC, all that results is the sound file - no vision (Windows 9. It plays back fine on the camera itself but not on the PC! Windows Media player says it is looking for a new codec but always seems to fail.. The software disk that came has Quicktime - but as the file is an AVI file this is no use either.

Any ideas would be appreciated as bub no 1 is on the way and the pressure is on!!!!




Link Posted 19/07/2004 - 10:46
You need the div x codecs in order to play .avis. If you go to divx.com you can download the codecs and/or a div x player though I am suprised it didn't work with Quicktime as I thought these codecs were native these day.

I have the same camera and the video worked fine straight out of the box on my Apple Powerbook with Quicktime but I did have the divx codecs already installed. On a brighter note when you get it working the quality is actually pretty good for such a small camera. In fact the video playback impressed me more than the quality of the still shots with this camera.


Link Posted 12/08/2004 - 16:40
I am also having problems with playing .avi movies on my computer.

The movies were taken on my Optio S4. When I try to play them in Windows Media Player, it says there was an error in downloading the codec. Quicktime says it doesn't support the format.

I downloaded the DivX codecs and player, but it says:

The video file you are opening includes video data that is not recognized by the DivX Player.

The file contains the following type of data:
Video data: FOURCC code "MJPG"

Can anyone help?!?



Link Posted 12/08/2004 - 17:31

Try installing the codec pack at the site above. It shoudl contain all the relevant codecs.
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