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Link Posted 18/07/2002 - 09:30
I have just taken delivery of an Optio 230 digital camera - my first foray into digi pics. and my first Pentax. I've arrived here via Minolta SLRs and a fatastic Nikon compact auto-everything. The Optio 230 is so compact, has a solid feel and the zoom is so much smoother and quiter than the cheap-feeling Nikon Coolpix 775 which I also considered. I've bought the Optio as a second camera to carry at all times but there is a real risk that it will be promoted to 'first'.

I'll let you know how I get along with the 230; I've really only taken a few quick test shots. I plan to take a series of formal shots to check for pin-cushion, edge fall-off etc. What amazes me is that I have consumed 2 sets of Duracell Alkaline AA cells already just setting up the menus, familiarising myself with the controls & functions (as we all do when we get a new toy. Now I'm trying rechargeable Ni-MH cells.

So, does anyone know where I can get the best price in the UK to buy the AC adapter for the Optio 230? Pentax model no. is D-AC5.

Thanks, more soon. Brian


Link Posted 18/07/2002 - 15:43
Brian, Thanks for letting us know about your new Optio. You should certainly see a lot better battery-life with the Ni-Mh cells.
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I've just found these Website. I'm Webmaster of Digitalfotonetz.de, the greatest german Pentax Optio Website with reviews, galleries, sample shots and a big forum about these little cameras.

But to your real problem:
I use 1700mAh NiMH-cells (Sanyo) in my Optio 230 and I can take always more than 100, often a lot more than 200 photos with one set of batterys. I think that's really good. I wouldn't buy an AC Adapter because transferring the pictures to the PC does not take much time and for using the camera outside I would better buy some more batteries.

Best regards from Germany
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