On1 software up to 50% off - supplier of the 'Perfect' series of apps.


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You can get extra discounts buy starting the ordering process placing item in cart and closing web page. I later got 2 emails first an extra 10% off, then 15%. I am on their mailing list, not sure if that makes a difference.


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Anyone use this software?

I nearly bought this at this years Photography show at the NEC for a similar price (when you include VAT!) IIRC, just didn't get around to it.

I have been giving their freebee Perfect Effects 9.5 a go and quite like it.

Russ, Thanks for the updates about the discount code e-mails, I've just done the same (adding to cart and then closing the web page) and got the 10% off. If I get the 15% code I might just go for it.
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I installed a free copy of Perfect Effects from Ephotozine and like it very much. It crashes quite a lot when saving files but one can't otherwise complain.
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Try using VE15 in discount code for extra 15%.

I've used Perfect Effects Premium 8 and 9 and find it very useful for B&W conversions, hence I was considering buying their Perfect Black and White.


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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Just got in after being out all day, so only just picked up this thread.

Thanks for the code heads up Russ, they (on1) just sent the same through via e-mail, just like you said.
I suppose that I was a bit annoyed about the addition of VAT to the price for a UK (European) address to the initial price ($79.00) indicated.

Anyway, pulled the trigger and have purchased and started a very slow download.
Born again photographer! Pentax K-30 & kit lenses. Just what do all these buttons do......?


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The software is attractive but when I opened a DNG file from my K3 and compared the result with the same file opened in ACDSee pro, I found that the latter pulled out much more detail than the On One software so for me this software at least it is not the bargain that it appears to be.


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Just received a reply from ON One support to say that the K3 is NOT supported. All other Pentax DSLRS up to and including K5ii and iis are supported. They did not say when or if K3 would be added. It is sad to see such a lot of compact cameras of other makes which are supported but it seems that the K3 is not important enough to be supported even though it has been out for 2 years I think
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