on the disused Thames /Severn Canal at Coates nr Cirencester


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found the derelict Roundhouse , first ever play with a glass ball and other bits



3. this house is taller than usual as it has an inverted roof that was used to hold water.

4. Coates Portal to the Sapperton Tunnel around 2miles long 15ft high and wide . no tow path so the boats were "legged" through by the men lying on their backs and pushing on the roof with their legs. 25 shafts were put down along its length to provide ventilation as it was dug, the longest being 244ft.

5. Tarlton Bridge over the canal

6. a shot through a gap in the bricked up front door with the Samyang 8mm Fisheye. the ground floor was normally where the animals were kept but this one was converted to living space ,hence the fireplace being there

Life on the Edge, of a Fencepost

K3 II and the odd lens or 2



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Good images.. Enjoyed looking and reading the thread..
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I am rather taken with the fisheye image

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Some pretty good images Joe. The glass ball one has worked well. Some interesting history as well. Nos 4 & 5 have got a nice feel to them with your white vignetting and I also like no 6 the fisheye one!


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I enjoyed those, together with your comments.
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I often visit the Cotswolds but this location is new to me. Its a fascinating spot which you've photographed so well. Thanks for sharing.
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Interesting set. Not been there for years, used to enjoy a pint in the nearby Tunnel pub
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Intrigued by the opening image and the glass ball. I have one but damned if I know how to get it in the frame like that
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The first one certainly took me in, all the way through to fishey 6 and Life on the Edge 7. A nice, varied set.


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thanks for looking and the comments. i was born and grew up in Cirencester but only found out about this roundhouse recently. they do a good cup of coffee as well Stephen but definitely more up market now than it was when it was part of our "pub cawl" on a Saturday night in my youth. Gareth, the glass ball came with a small square glass stand that is the same width as my tripod Q R plate. so secured it on the tripod then a blob of blue tak applied to it to hold the ball securely, although i did have to catch it twice. definitely found it not as easy as it looks. apparently a bit farther on is an alledged source of the Thames, another day for that
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