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I am thinking of useing my old Pentax-M 50mm 1.7 lens on my K100D, am wondering what sort of quality I can exspect from this lens.
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As long as you know how to use it on a DSLR, you should be able to get very good quality shots from it. Itīs an excellent lens.
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If set up and exposed correctly you can expect top notch quality with a very nice shallow DOF.

There have been lots of threads on here about how to do this.
The main thing to do is to enable the aperture ring in the menu.
Then put the camera in manual mode. Set the aperture manually then I think it is the ael button to get the correct shutter speed.

I have a K100d and it does have this function in the custom settings.
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I thought this thread was about an old bloke called Len!
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Try the 'catch in focus' mode as well, quite good to play with.
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Title corrected.


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Catch in focus is an easy way to get a feel for this lens. Just slowly focus through the subject and a shot will be taken, I think th manual covers how to set up and use CIF.

As for the lens, the image quality is...CLICKY LINK.

and that's wide open with netural light.
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You will get fantastic results...I use one on my K-x. I love it...
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