Octagon softbox, 80cm or 120cm?


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I don't shoot indoor as I don't have a studio yet, so counting portability and possible wind, would a 80cm suffice or I should go for the 120cm? I am not sure about what difference in lighting I can expect between the two.


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There are other factors like what do you plan to use to fill the softbox with ? Though in most cases a 80 or 90cm softbox will be sufficient.
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that's an interesting question. I usually use just one light, but so far I used only umbrellas. I would use a reflector, but without assistance is a bit of a problem.

I was actually thinking to try a setup where the camera is hold by the tripod and use the phone to see through the lens, but I am not sure how practical it would be. Need to test it.

The problem is that outdoor a lot of flexibility is needed, a fixed setup could make everything too static.


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One flash wont fill a 120cm softbox. So not much point. It also very difficult to keep upright in the English weather.
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Ahh ok i i didn't understand what you meant with filling. So you are saying that obviously I would need more than a speed light for it. They are probably meant to be used with a proper strobe light. I will go for the small unit. 👍


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Something like the iLux Summit would be great in a softbox on location but the annoying thing for us Pentax shooters is the lack of HSS support.

Something smaller could be Interfit strobies

The larger softbox when positioned close to the subject will offer softer lighting, but the downside is two things, the spread is greater and also the portability will be decreased! To be honest, trying to use either softbox on location by yourself could be asking for expensive trouble and having a spare pair of hands there with you will be much better for you.

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