Now you can 'Like' photos in the Gallery


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Hmm.. popular topic for spam post is it?


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Like it. (y)


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thanks for the post.


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That's a great update!
Cheers to all!
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johnriley wrote:
Vic, if there had been a "Like" button to press on your post, I would have pressed it!

A "like" button for posts would be a good feature. If someone posts a comment about something I've posted - comment or photo - it's nice to be able to acknowledge it without having to actually say anything, and potentially getting into a never ending spiral of "That's nice" - "Thanks" - "You're welcome" and so on.
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Well done !
love this new thing
I hope I'll get a lot on Likes on my photos...
I am not a good photographer but... OMG... I love to observe, shoot and enjoy the click made by my camera.
The rest of the time I am a webmarketing guy in France.
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