Not likely to make a new Pentax purchase this weekend. No Special offers !!!


Link Posted 12/06/2018 - 16:18
I think there are still a few things I could spend my money on. The new 70-200mm f/4 will be a strong contender when it arrives, and maybe the new 50mm f/1.4 if it proves to be Zeiss quality as suggested.

Existing things that are outstanding include the Q 08 wide angle zoom, but 399 is too much for me. I'd snap it up at 150 but not a penny more than that.

Other than those, there will be other things I want, but there are very few that I need.
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Link Posted 12/06/2018 - 23:55
I've been looking seriously at the K-1 for a while, I have a good set of FA primes ready & waiting, I've even held it a couple of times, but it hasn't sung to me like all my other Pentax's have. The problem is the very high cost for a 35mm SLR and a lack of transparency on pricing*. I've shot a huge variety of medium format film gear, and I feel short-changed spending that much on a K-1 after experiencing medium format. My P6x7 outfit (2 bodies & 5 lenses) has cost similar to K-1 money, there's no question for me, the P6x7 wins every time.

The prices of some of the lenses (even 'bread n butter' types like the 28-105) is simply eye-watering - I'm sure it's good kit, but I'd easily prefer a used FA PZ 28-105 for a tenth the price. I can easily live with screen-drive AF and any optical differences are likely to be hard to spot. If you're new to Pentax and wanting a 'basic' kit of K-1, grip & 28-105 you're looking around the 2500 mark - why would you even contemplate switching from CaNikon?

* As has been mentioned in this thread, all prices seem to be the same and all of a sudden, it's 100 cheaper (bad luck if you bought one the day before). The Special Edition K-1 & grip (supposedly on limited supply) was for a long period, cheaper than the standard one with a grip (perhaps the fact it looked like an MZ-5n put people off).
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