NI-Mh 2500 vs. 2450 batteries .. which can I use?


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I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I have a K200D and 360 flash - both can take 2500 m/ah rechargeable batteries. The manuals for both say that 2500 is OK ... however, can't seem to get 2500's, only 2450. Can they be used .. is anyone else doing the same.

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Only the voltage is important, the 2500 m/ah simply shows how long it will last and it shouldn't be a problem to use more or less, the flash takes the Ampere that it needs.

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The number of mAh refers to the capacity in milli-Amp hours, not the voltage, so the only difference between cells of 2450 and 2500 mAh (all other things being equal) would be an approximately 2% difference in the number of flashes (or pictures) you'd get out of them.

I doubt you'd notice the difference, and there are other more relevant considerations anyway, not least the self-discharge rate when not in use.

I've moved over to low-self-discharge AA cells for my flashguns. They have a lower capacity than the highest capacity Ni-MH cells available, but they keep their charge when not in use for a long time.

Brands available include Eneloop, Hybrio, Panasonic Infinium - all broadly similar AFAIK. I use the Infiniums - only 2100 mAh, but at least I don't come back to them and find them completely dead after a couple of weeks.
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I wouldn't bother with either of them.

Eneloop's or the other brands ChrisA refers to are far superior. They have a lower capacity at around 2000maH but actually last longer because their discharge curve is very different, They are claimed to retain up to 80% of their charge for 12 months when not in use.

This essentially means you could leave the flash unused for a month or two and next time you pick it up, it'll work. NiMh will almost certainly have discharged in that time.
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Please only post a question or topic once - I've deleted the duplicated one.

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Eneloop's or the other brands ChrisA refers to are far superior

I agree, got some eneloops a while ago, fantastic and well worth the extra few bob. Have a look here.

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