Newbie seeks advice about a Pentax SF7


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70 quid is too much for an SF7, even if it comes with the F 35-70mm (I'm assuming it's the Pentax F, there are many other 35-70mm lenses out there.

The closest model I've tried is the SFXn, which despite being ugly and noisy, is a very capable camera. It should be possible to get a working one for 20 or so, then add a lens. The F lens mentioned above usually costs around 35-40 maximum and is optically decent, though not very fast (in terms of maximum aperture).

Unlike some of the later auto-focus models, the SFXn is quite usable with manual focus lenses. A cheap 50mm f/1.7 could be a good option to get started with.
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Welcome to the forum. The SF7 is very similar to the SFX and I assume power requirements will be similar. The SFX brochure claimed a 2CR5 battery would last for 150 rolls of 24 exposure film (flash not used) or 30 rolls if the built in flash is used 50% of the time. I'd expect you'd struggle to achieve that many rolls, especially while you get used to the workings of it, at least the batteries are cheaper than they were back in the day - 20 each at the time. I'd always carry a spare as the battery level indicator is likely to go from 'low battery' to 'no battery' very suddenly.

2CR5 Lithium batteries have a long shelf life and don't 'self-discharge', keeping the camera off when not in use will maximise their longevity - note as above that when using the built in flash, battery usage is much higher.
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