Newbie, cannot decide dilemma!


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Hi all, I am about to purchase a K-30 but just cannot decide on the colour. I was sure I wanted blue but now I've seen images of the chrystal red and also the Bordeaux I just cannot decide! I have also been looking locally to try and find a store where the coloured ranges are being displayed so I could better decide. Alas, few stores even sell this camera here, let alone the non black option. I thought a large place like the capital city of Wales would have more on offer but it seems I will have to look online instead. I don't mind buying online but it's nice to be able to view something tangible first. Oh well lol


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This is all very new to us here - we haven't yet had the chance to run any serious comparitive tests between the different coloured bodies

Good choice of camera though! I know camera shops are fewer are farer between now, but do you have PC World ? Some of their stores do stock K30's, probably black, but it gives you a feel and chance to try it out a bit. It should be easy to decide on colour from pictures online once you know the camera body.

But anyway, I think it might be the case that the colours are only available by special order? Check the Ricoh / Pentax website.

Good luck finding your camera!
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It's a personal choice. Fortunately no particular colour is more (or less) susceptible to moire ... so it's really down to personal taste.

I have the black but thought the white was quite nice - I liked the hard shiny finish. The metallic blue wasn't my cup of tea.


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Hello and Welcome

I am not sure if Pentax supply it to match Y Ddraig Goch as yet - shame really - how cool would that be

I'd go for black as I am boring and they don't have one in the Scarlets colours (maybe Blue if you are in Cardiff as mentioned) either
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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

I would go for a black one, as when the time comes (and it will) that you get all excited like the rest of us and want to upgrade you'll probably find selling a black one a load easier.

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Thanks for the replies.
I don't think it's necessary to have run comparitive tests out on the colours, other than for fun as it is personal preference. The camera itself is the priority as already mentioned.
I just wanted to see the colours for real, rather than just images, to help me better make my choice there.
PC/Curries I wasn't impressed with I'm sorry to say. They lost a potential sale from me because of their poor all round service. It is not just today either,but also last week, but I won't bore you all with the details.
There was a good local family store in one of the arcades who were very helpful. They said they would try and get me the blue too if they could, though didn't think it was available. But even though they were much smaller than the other major stores I tried today and earlier in the week, they DID have the K-30 in store on display, which was impressive. They were the only retailers who actually did have it, some could order from their warehouses but others didn't even have that option, they had just stopped stocking it. The white is good too. I don't actually live in Cardiff, it is the nearest main retailers (allegedly haha!)I flipped a coin or something similar and have opted for the scarlet one, it can be bought online at least! Thanks though, looking forward to buying, owning and playing with it!


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Hi Andrew, sorry you must have posted whilst I was typing so didn't see your comment!
Yes I'm sure you may be right there, but black was not an option for me personally


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Have seen the blue, and its superb to look at, as to whether I would buy one instead of a good old black one, I just don't think I could.

But on the other hand, I do keep looking at the pink K50 and quite tempted.

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Agree the blue looks rather good. Better in my view than the red (or white) which look a bit cheap. However, I prefer the K-5, which would be my choice at the price SRS are selling them for.

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Well four years on. I opted for the white after all that. It does look really cool actually and gets quite some attention when I'm out in public with it. Great camera, I'm happy!
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Salspentup wrote:
Well four years on. I opted for the white after all that. It does look really cool actually and gets quite some attention when I'm out in public with it. Great camera, I'm happy!

Hopefully you've been getting something out of this forum whilst you've been 'dormant'?


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Well on the flip side, there's four years of images to post up in the gallery!!!
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I've got the blue one. I love the K30 and I love blue. I got it when K30s were newly released as a second body to my K5 and to replace my K10 in front line use.
Image wise it equals the K5 but when I moved on to a K3 I thought the K30 would join my K10D and istDS on the shelf. It didn't, it still gets used because its lighter and great for walking around doing street photography or events such as the Edinburgh Fringe or Whitby Goths.
Its never had any of the problems some people have reported and I don't miss the top screen. Some of my favourite photos have been taken with it.
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