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New to photography and need some help to choose my DLSR

Posted 20/05/2019 - 09:22 Link
Hi forum friends! Newbie here, and I am looking for a Pentax DSLR (thats why I found this great forum btw My friend has a Canon PowerShot SX530 that he's very happy with, so I am looking for something similar. What's the closest that Pentax have to the SX530 in terms of spec and price?

Thanks a bunch!
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Posted 20/05/2019 - 10:27 Link
Hi Steve, welcome to the PentaxUser forum!

Pentax no longer manufacture a 'superzoom' type of camera, the last one they produced was the Pentax XG-1, you'd most likely find it on the used market for about 100. Here's a link to an article which compares it with your SX530. Inexpensive Superzooms can be fun to use, and are an interesting way into photography, but the combination of a small size of sensor and very long telephoto zoom lens results in mediocre image quality. That said, if you just intend to post online to be viewed on a digital screen, these superzoom cameras are certainly good enough.

The least expensive Pentax is an interchangeable lens DSLR, the Pentax K-70, reviewed here, which i have found to be a really good camera, but new it costs a lot more (see this link for prices). You will be able to pick up one of these used for something closer to your target price.

In your position, I would probably buy the very inexpensive XG-1, or it's predecessor X-5 used, and if photography floats your boat, then splash out on a K-70!

I should add that I only use Pentax cameras, so others will be able to give you better advice on other alternatives.

Good luck.
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Posted 08/04/2020 - 05:37 Link
I nearly purchased a radioactive lens for my camera.

But that is the type of person. , I am.

Posted 09/04/2020 - 00:13 Link
There is nothing wrong with the radioactive lenses. They give a lovely glow to your pictures

I would agree with the comments regarding the Superzoom type of camera. I started digital with one (a FujiFilm S6800) but quickly discovered that I was making demands on it that it was unable to meet. The learning curve with a 'proper' DSLR was not all that difficult. I would therefore suggest that route to avoid purchasing two cameras in a row - as I did.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Posted 09/04/2020 - 07:59 Link
a Pentax k70 and a superzoom lens such as a Pentax 18-270mm will give you long reach and far superior image quality, that shooting with the considerably larger
You may even , if you can find a 3rd party sigma or tamron long zoom which will give you similar reach.

The advantage of this combo is ,for the days you want for better quality to stellar image quality you can change lens.

There are plenty of inexpensive and superb lens available for Pentax K mount , that can be purchased in mint condition for low prices.
The advantage being you stay with the same system, none of this flaffing about with different lens mounts and adapters.

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