New to photography and need some help to choose my DLSR


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Hi forum friends! Newbie here, and I am looking for a Pentax DSLR (thats why I found this great forum btw My friend has a Canon PowerShot SX530 that he's very happy with, so I am looking for something similar. What's the closest that Pentax have to the SX530 in terms of spec and price?

Thanks a bunch!
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Hi Steve, welcome to the PentaxUser forum!

Pentax no longer manufacture a 'superzoom' type of camera, the last one they produced was the Pentax XG-1, you'd most likely find it on the used market for about 100. Here's a link to an article which compares it with your SX530. Inexpensive Superzooms can be fun to use, and are an interesting way into photography, but the combination of a small size of sensor and very long telephoto zoom lens results in mediocre image quality. That said, if you just intend to post online to be viewed on a digital screen, these superzoom cameras are certainly good enough.

The least expensive Pentax is an interchangeable lens DSLR, the Pentax K-70, reviewed here, which i have found to be a really good camera, but new it costs a lot more (see this link for prices). You will be able to pick up one of these used for something closer to your target price.

In your position, I would probably buy the very inexpensive XG-1, or it's predecessor X-5 used, and if photography floats your boat, then splash out on a K-70!

I should add that I only use Pentax cameras, so others will be able to give you better advice on other alternatives.

Good luck.
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