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New Silkypix Serial Numbers issued

Posted 17/12/2010 - 14:37 Link
I had an email from Ichikawa Soft Laboratory today advising me that following the closure of the SILKYPIXUK Website support would be from the Japanese website. As a result new serial numbers and licence Keys for Silkypix licences are being issued and mine was included in the email.

I nearly missed this important email because my spam filter interceped it. Luckily I do check my spam folder before deleting the contents so I did pick it up.
Posted 17/12/2010 - 15:24 Link
Thanks for the "heads up" Archie.
Posted 20/12/2010 - 16:09 Link
Tip from John Nevill (Silkypix UK) on the best way to upgrade (from his forum) - QUOTE -

ISL will be issuing US product codes to all SilkypixUK customers.

For Windows users:

In order to upgrade smoothly, I'd recommend installing the US version over the UK version but into a different folder and then regsistering with the new key.

US Silkypix should a) pick up the existing cache and b) use the sidecar file without issue, so your edits wont be lost.

However, I would flush the cache and let Silkypix rebuild it based on the existing sidecar edits, since cache indexing may go awry.

Once your happy with the transition, then manually delete the UK Silkypix folder from the program file folder. I would not recommend uninstalling (via windows) the UK version as it may impact on US install files. Dont forget to save all your UK Silkypix tastes first though!

For Mac users:

The US installer will by default overwrite Silkypix package. So there should be no issues. Again, dont forget to save all your UK Silkypix tastes first though!

I hope this helps!
Best regards
Richard Day

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