New Pentax Superzoom: X5 (Photokina Leak)


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Yes, it looks like a mini-K5, with a swivel screen. Fingers crossed for an Exmor sensor.


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same sensor as q.
too bad they did not make this with a q lens mount...
I'm like this would totally sell more q system lenses then I saw "16 mp" on the lens and was like WTF?
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If that is the same sized sensor as the Q then the 35-mm equivalent focal length starts at 22mm, which is quite wide. The long end becomes 572mm, which again is quite impressive.
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Do you reckon that the lens is fixed or interchangeable? If it had a k-mount you could presumably get some pretty monstrous (equivalent) focal lengths with existing lenses, but my guess is that the lens is fixed like a bridge camera... Like the swivel screen, I could do with one of those.

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matwhittington wrote:
Do you reckon that the lens is fixed or interchangeable? ...

The X series are bridge cameras like X90 or X70. Those have 4.6-119.6/110.4mm zoom range that is similar to the range of this camera.
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I've owned bridge cameras, noisy above low ISO, burnt out highlights, poor detail, cheap glass. I moved on to Pentax DSLRs. Never looked back.


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It doesn't look to have the button to press to remove the lens as far as I can see. Bridge camera lenses are usually fixed so doubt that this would be an exception. Some comments on the American forum talk of using DA etc. lenses, not sure what has given them that idea.

John K


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I enjoyed using the X90 and only moved on to other cameras for the usual reason - an itchy "Buy Now" finger.....
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I had one of those today; then I had a quick look in the second hand section of London Camera Exchange (as I was passing), and now i have a Pentax Q and two lenses! Top fun these itchy Buy Now fingers but I hope I don't have one every day as my wallet will not be able to handle it
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Full details announced on Japan web site.

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And lots of detail on DPR
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And now officially launched: link
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All the info is already on Pentax User - see the panel to the right of the page.
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Just had a look through, now I don't know if it is just me but can someone decipher the sensor size 1/2.33"

is that 1/2" x 1/3" or just a ratio with v.poor skills mixing decimal, not massively important I'm just hurting my head trying to suss it out.
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The 1/2.33 is ane example of the semi-standard - if slightly bizarre - way of indicating sensor size:

"Sensor formats of digital cameras are mostly expressed in the non-standardized "inch" system as approximately 1.5 times the length of the diagonal of the sensor. This goes back to the way image sizes of video cameras used until the late 1980s were expressed, referring to the outside diameter of the glass envelope of the video camera tube."

Cf. the article on Wikipedia (the relevant information is towards the bottom of the article)
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