New Pentax Lens Roadmap out


Link Posted 02/03/2018 - 12:57
redbusa99 wrote:
a few people have said that Ricoh produced the zooms to go with the K1 to entice new users or get users from other brands interested. now that would be all well and good if these people actually had the choice of suppliers the other brands have to be able to buy from

But if you look at some forums there are those who have switched because of what the K1 offers. Personally, where there is a choice between a Pentax lens and an alternative I would always go for the Pentax one. A while ago I swopped from a Sigma 150-500mm to the Pentax 150-450mm once I could afford it, and although the Sigma was good I just love having everything WR so not worrying about wind blown spray and rain. I am quite glad however that Zeiss lenses arenít available as I could be tempted to blow my pension!


Link Posted 02/03/2018 - 13:12
In some respects the fewer lense available for Pentax might be better for someone like me who canít stop buying lenses!!

The main bits are covered off,UWA (15-30), Standard Zoom (24-70) and your choice of telephoto (Fast 70-200 f2.8 or long 150-450).

I have half an eye on a K1 (1399 is a bargain) with a 24-70, 31, 43/77..... thatís a lot of bang for anyoneís buck, especially compared to kitting out a similar (Nikon Setup)
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