New member pondering a new Pentax camera?


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when you had the ds rev and then upgraded to the k10 which one did you like may i ask


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Thanks Bruce, just the advice I was looking for. I know it is a big jump from the K10D for me but in the end I hope to be able to use this camera for years to come.

Thanks everyone for your assistance in my search for a new Pentax.

The plan will be to order it sometime in the next two weeks.

When we moved from Canada to the USA our R1 Clergy Visa was delayed and I was without any camera for 9 months as all our belongings were in storage. Then the workload of being new at the church. Finally I am carving out some time with the Mrs. and getting back into photography.

Delighted to have such a great site.



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Good evening Stu,

I was very excited when the Ist Ds came out! I paid full price as it was still warm out of production. : ) The camera impressed me a lot. My first DSLR! My wife uses it now and really likes the camera. She found it easy to use and is happy with the quality and size.

The K10 was again a full price new camera for me to buy. It came with the new 18-55 II lens and I knew my Mrs. would need a regular lens for the Ist Ds.

My impression of the K10 has been that it is a brilliant camera. Not big or bulky, sturdy and rugged for all the kind of photography I like to dabble in. Easy to use, cannot say enough good things about it. I guess that is why I just purchased more lenses and never looked at any of the other Pentax models that came out after it? I have to admit some the other models I had never heard of?

I did get the Q and the K-01 both at a store clearing them out at a price I could not refuse but have not used either one really. The Q is so tiny. Yes the K-01 could do more (megapixels and video) and was more advanced but it without a viewfinder I found it odd to shoot? The K10 also fits in the hand comfortably where the K-01 doesn't.

K10 has been to Germany, France, Switzerland and Peru and across Canada and America and I have never had an issue with it ever. I will use it as my back up body, unless the Mrs. wants to move up from the Ist Ds?


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well rev
the k3 is the one for you it is a very well built camera
to me the ks series just hasent got the build quality as the k3 they seem a bit plasticie in hand

my first was the ds like you then the k10 i then had no option but to buy a k5 and wish i never had but just after xmas last year i got a good deal on a k3ii new
and it as given me new hope dont get me wrong there is some niggles but then what camera dosent on any brand
and for those that say there isant they are liing


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Thanks for your guidance Bruce.

If the K3 gets around 500 (?) shots per charge is the battery grip a "must have"?

Can offer an opinion on this topic please.




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With normal single shot shooting 500 clicks lasts ages. That would be around 14 rolls of film in the pre digital era. If you have the camera on shotgun mode, then yes you'll get through 500 quite fast.
The main difference in having a grip is if you prefer to make the camera physically larger. Some prefer it that way, some don't. It's just as easy to have the spare battery that is in the grip in your pocket as well. Whichever you prefer really.
John K


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Thanks John,
No Pentax I have is as uncomfortable to hold as the K-01. I have been using it a bit around the house and my hand aches from the box shape in only a short amount of time.
Checked out your website. great photos!


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ReverendRobert wrote:
Thanks John,
No Pentax I have is as uncomfortable to hold as the K-01. I have been using it a bit around the house and my hand aches from the box shape in only a short amount of time.
Checked out your website. great photos!

Yes, I've a K-01 too so know what you mean. Its got its uses though.
Oh, and thanks!
John K


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So I now have my new Pentax K3 (body only didn't get the lens kit). I have had little time to shoot much with Lent and Holy Week keeping me busy. I did get some snaps around the house and had read a little through the manual. Seems better photos with the flash than without for sharpness? I recently took the camera out to a youth basketball seems the images aren't really that crisp they came out as rather soft looking? Any ideas? Please keep it simple as I am still reading through the manual. Never has this issue with any other Pentax that I own?




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A slightly belated welcome from one rev to another!
In respect of that last question - some questions back with a couple of things to try.

Is the Shake Reduction on? Press INFO button to see on rear screen. If you are trying to follow a moving subject, then the SR will cause blur. If it is a static subject, then SR should (obviously) help

Also - what lens are you using? It could be that in auto focus mode you need to apply a tweak to the SF fine adjustment as the lens might be either front or back focussing (read handbook for this). If you take a picture of something with layers of depth, is any of it sharp - ie is something nearer or further away to the point you focussed on sharp? This will probably mean the fine focus tweak is needed.

Another test to do; try putting camera on a tripod, selecting two second timer from the 'drive-mode' button on the 4-way pad on the back of the camera (this will reduce camera vibrations to a minimum and also turn off the SR). Select live view and manual focus. Then digitally zoom in on a subject using the Live View and manually focus the lens to get the subject sharp. Take picture and then check for sharpness. IF this is still not right then there may be a problem with the camera.

I hope others can maybe help shed some light
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If the photos are better with flash, that might indicate that too slow a shutter speed is the problem when the flash is not being used. Flash is very short duration, which gives an effectively very fast shutter speed. Also, the lens is likely to be stopped down a bit which will help depth of field.

Outside on a bright day is a better place to start trying out your new camera.
Best regards, John


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I have read occasionally that it can be more difficult to get sharp shots with a much higher resolution cameras, at least until one has practiced and refined their techniques ..... I'm not sure if this is backed up by any ' scientific' explanation ..... ?
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If you compare anything to a K10 with its CCD sensor it'll be found wanting. It took me six months to get used to the CMOS sensor in the K5 and now I love it. But it's not for beginners and the JPEGs straight from the card are very so-so. That's one of the reasons (I think) why Canon are so popular (apart from their advertising budget) the JPEGs from my EOS M are very impressive and often so acceptable I don't need to resort to RAW conversions.

You have to shoot RAW with a K5 and, I'm guessing a K3, then you'll produce some marvellous shots even at high ISOs. I still use my K10 when I know the light is good and I can keep the camera set to ISO 100. The K5 backs up the K10 and extends its life (hopefully).

As Nigel says, high resolution cameras are not easy and make heavy demands on both lenses and the user.
Best wishes,


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When Stu62 said that the K3 is a different beast.....boy was he right!
So far I have turned down the high ISO and I have shut off the shake reduction as well.
The flash does make the photos more crisp and I will stop it down and see what happens as well.
I found on the net a woman that explained to another lost K3 user about the ability to change the sharpness of the photos with the direct keys. I touched the button to the right side of the "ok" button and a screen popped up for various choices of images, mono, portrait, etc. going into these with the "info" buttons, she said one can increase the sharpness as all the of the settings are at the midrange.
Well many of your techniques have been very helpful thank you.
Still working on a few more but today is a 10 at the church so they will have to wait.
At some point when I am off the website probation I will try and post a few of the pics.
The K10D seems so simple compared to the K3.
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There are user-defined modes on the exposure dial which I make use of; for instance for the Sigma 150-500mm lens I have set SR off, spot focus, back button focusing, TAV mode etc. so with a simple click it will all be ready. I believe the K-3 has three such, so plenty of choice to suit different situations.
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