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Hello to everyone. I have purchased a k30 and I can say it feels great. I was an Olympus 520 user and loved it but felt let down when that line seemed to come to an end. I waited and waited and in the end sold my camera and several lenses and purchased a Panasonic g2 followed by a g5 {I still have the g5 }. I like the g5 but still miss the feel of a " proper size camera " I am just a casual user with not much spare time to spend but am hoping to try a little more this year . I look forward to reading up on this site and uploading a few pictures.


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Hi, welcome to the site and hope you get chance to use your K30. You'll find lots of people prepared to offer help and advice when requested. Which part of the country are you living in? There's bound to be someone from your area already on here.




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Hello and Welcome
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A big welcome from me too! I hope you like the site and your K30!

Best wishes

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I have the K30 and was wandering about with it yesterday, took some iceicle's nothing exciting really.

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As a recent convert from an E-520 I know how you feel. Olympus are really letting down many of their loyalest supporters.
I wanted to upgrade, because I wanted a video function, but the E-5 just wasn't up to job when you compared it with the K5 which was almost half the price. And as for the K5ii

I am now a full Pentax convert, although I still have a 2x converter and flash to sell on the E-group forum,and very happy with the change.
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Cheers for the replies I don't have much time to spend with my camera at the moment but I am planning to go walkabouts with my camera instead of fishing this year. I have spent my free time fishing mainly on the river Severn for more years than I care to remember I started taking snaps with a Kodak dx440 and have some lovely memories from that camera, I swopped to a Fuji superzoom and progressed from there only to take my cameras time after time to take a couple of snaps and carry on fishing. Because of a serious illness in my family I could not go fishing last year [ first time in over thirty years ] I thought it may be time for a change so here I am. My photos are more for my memories than to win any prizes but I will post the odd one or two and any comments from " proper photographers " would be most welcome.
Thanks again
Almost forgot to say I live in the west midlands.
Is it best to upload photos to main gallery or photo forum ??
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It's up to you where you upload to, we tend to get different feedback in both places.

Gallery images are best up to 1000 pixels on longest side, sRGB, 72ppi, up to 400K file size.

Forum images will be best displayed at 800 pixels, but 1000 will also work well.

Pentax images only, otherwise whatever you care to show us! We'll look forward to seeing some.
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Cheers for that,
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