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I was back and forth deciding whether to go for the K7 to replace my K10D or whether to buy a K-X. I decided to go with the K-X. Having been snow bound since receiving it couple of days ago, I'm getting frustrated at not being able to get out and about, however, handling and messing about with the K-X has been a joy. I do not miss the K10 features, second wheel etc. Nor would I miss stuff like the K-7's focus adjustments. The K-X feels nice to handle and looks the business as well with a DA40. Here is a snap from the desk, lit by a small desk lamp a few feet away.

F/4.5 1/15 iso12800

K-X Fa77, DA70, M50 f1.7, A50 f1.7, CZJ Sonnar 135 f3.5
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Hi Peter
Like you I agonised and then plumped for the KX over the K7. My reasons were the class beating hihg ISO performance. Its a great camera isn't it.

It was exactly 2 years ago that I got my K10 with kit zoom and Sigma 70-300. Ironically it cost less than the KX kit does now and is certainly more robustly built! I have no regrets so far but imagine that later this year the price will fall to be somewhere near where the KM ended its days.

I will say that the AL 55-300 is giving me improved IQ especially in the 200-300 range. Should I have spent the £100+ to buy the normal 55-300?

Enjoy your KX and I hope we will both agree that its a great cousin for our K10s!

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That is very impressive for ISO 12800 imo .. is it a jpeg straight out of the camera or raw converted?
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For ISO 12,800 the lack of noise is remarkable.

Enjoy your new camera!

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Jpeg straight from the camera, only resized, no PP.
K-X Fa77, DA70, M50 f1.7, A50 f1.7, CZJ Sonnar 135 f3.5


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wow the high iso performance is really great.
I wonder what kind of results you get when you shoot RAW and then do the post processing in Silkypix.
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Well Guys, the snow has melted and the air clear. I'm still firing test shots with my KX but I'm in absolutely no doubt that its performing amazingly at high ISOs.

Clearly DSLRs are evolving. I congratulate Pentax on this little wonder of technology.

Hope everyone else with a KX is as delighted as I am?

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I'll join the club, Geoff It really is a delightful camera, the Kx. It's just great fun to use and explore, even more so than the K100D. For me personally the way it performs in low light makes it stand out as it allows me taking pictures easily in so many more conditions, without having to balance all the settings and/or pp the images. And since I am not a serious photographer, that's what it is about for me - having fun

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I have to agree with Wolf and Geoff. I've had my K-x for a few weeks now, and am constantly amazed. It's my first DSLR, and I did a lot of research (and agonizing ) before I made the purchase. Low light performance was important to me as I had been disappointed with that aspect of my previous camera - a Canon S5 IS. I realize you can't compare a point and shoot with a DSLR, but low light performance was high on my priority list. A site that finally helped me make up my mind was this one: I used the Comparator to compare a lot of cameras to the K-x, and was quite amazed by this little baby . Hope this may help others who are in the throws of making a similar decision.
Cheers - JD

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