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Link Posted 26/07/2008 - 17:23
On a Forum like this I presume everyone takes lots of photographs. What to do with them? Over the years I have concentrated at one time on Natural History and joined a Postal Circulation Group in which we commented on each others pictures. This was very useful as it made you think about the various pictures and how they might be improved. I have only just joined this Forum, although I have had the Pentax Magazine for years, and used Pentax equipment from the Spotmatic F, through MZ5N, to a couple of Optios and a K10D. For many years I have been making Audio Visuals, thus still making good use of the pictures that I take. I have also taken to printing some of ones I consider better than others, for albums. If you would like to know more about my Audio Visual activities, which nowadays are usually restricted to local venues only, please try the following link I have made this entry as it seems that we are asked to contribute an entry to the forum. So far I have not had a comment on a photograph I entered to the Gallery yesterday, or made a comment, but I hope to contribute more in that way in due course. All best wishes.


Link Posted 26/07/2008 - 18:41
Hello John and welcome to the forum.

There have been some fairly major changes here on the website in recent days and the new Gallery hasn't really had time to "bed-in" yet, which is probably why you've received no comments on there. Those of us that have been using these boards for some time have yet to get out of the habit of posting pictures in the "Your Photos" sub-forum when looking for comments and criticisms. This will probably change as the new Gallery stops being a novelty and we users start to use it for its intended purpose...

In the meantime there is a wealth of photographic information on these boards and some very knowledgeable members who can often help you out in the tightest of spots. It's a very friendly community so if you have any questions feel free to ask away!
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