New 16-85mm wr


Link Posted 03/11/2014 - 15:34
This isn't a lens that I would rush out to buy. My Sigma 18-125 covers practically all of the range and has a similar speed. I might consider it if image quality turns out to be an improvement
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Personally if the images are up to scratch and I didn't have the 16-50 I would be interested, the price would have to come down significantly though........ Remember everyone gets a bee in their bonnet about the DA* and the SDM motors, and new this is cheaper even at at introductory price than the 16-50.

For me the WR plus the DC motor with a good wide end are selling points. It's exactly in the range I use pretty much all the time and to go wide at 16mm is useful for a zoom. Not fussed about long lenses myself so this would have been an early purchase if it had existed at the time to go with my K5. With the high ISO performance does it really matter that it's variable aperture? The DA* zooms are pretty big to get that?
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On paper it looks attractive, and if my only 'standard' zoom was the 18-55 I would be very interested. But I already have a 17-70 and a 24-90 (the latter normally on my film camera) and used to have a 16-45, so unless either the reviews suggest the IQ is significantly better than the 17-70, or the latter develops a fault, it will stay on the wish list for the time being.

If friends ask me for portraits I normally pull out an old 50mm A 1.7, which does the job quite well - it would be nice to have say a 77 Limited, but for the amount of use it would get it would be even more of a luxury than doubling/tripling up with the 16-85.
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